We Are

E-Choice, E-Quality & E-Value

At Salk Street, we’re dedicated to changing lives. We aim to help people transition from traditional analog smoking to vaping.

Vaping is a lifestyle and our passionate team is here to help every step of the way while ensuring you have fun along the journey. We strongly believe in the vaping community and hope to help it thrive. We have strong customer centric values and are focused on Smoke Free Technology. Through constructive feedback from customers, we continuously improve our product functionality, design, taste, and customer support

We pride in being a Canadian Company and promise to bring you the best products Canada has to offer at the most competitive prices

Smoke Without Fire

Our ultimate goal is to help all smokers switch to the healthier alternative of vaping!

We understand that it’s important to take one small step at a time, so we’re aiming to Switch 1000 people to vaping.

Once we achieve that, we’ll head on to our next target.

Switch 2018