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There are some major changes coming to the vape industry in Canada! If you did not already know about it, here is a general break down of what is currently going on. There’s a new vaping tax affecting all nicotine products in Canada, and we’re here to provide you with all the necessary information about this major change. These sorts of changes are never positive for the vape industry and often times don’t seem make a lot of sense, however, this is an unfortunate new federal bill, that we will not be able to avoid. We’ll give you an idea below, of what the new cost increases will look like, as well as the time frame you can begin to expect to see this new excise tax. We hope to try and leave you with the most optimistic mindset possible during this time!

Starting October 1st 2022, all manufacturers (such as Vuse, Allo, and Boosted) Canada-wide are required to manufacture all of their products with a new compliant packaging, along with a new increased cost and tax. Any purchase made on products produced after October 1st from any manufacturer must have this tax applied to their products. It is not all bad news though! There is still some time before this fully takes effect!

Fortunately, all products purchased before this date will be exempt from this tax until January 1st 2023. Though, this only applies for products currently in stock at your local store. All products purchased or stocked after this date from any manufacturer will carry over the new excise tax and increase in cost.

All vape shops in Canada will be required to increase their pricing on all e-liquid; including bottles, pods and disposables starting January 1st, 2023. Devices and kits that do not contain any e-liquid will not be subject to this new excise tax. This tax will only affect nicotine based products and e-liquid measurable in mL. Prior to January 1st, shops may run out of some products at their current prices and will only be able to restock products with the applied excise tax charge. This means that even though the cut off point is in the new year, If a certain flavour runs out in the store, the store may only be able to re-stock the product with the new increased excise tax. This can happen before the new year. Below will be a breakdown of how the excise tax will be applied to various products. It can seem a little confusing at first but take some time to examine the figures below.

The new taxes on products will go as follows:
+$0.50/mL up to 10ml

+$0.10/mL after 10mLs


Here is a list of examples of the new tax on products:

2ml disposable vape / single pod: $1.00 (+HST)

3 pack of pods (STLTH, Allo, etc): $3.00 (+HST)

10ml disposable vape: $5.00 (+HST)

30ml eJuice bottle: $7.00 (+HST)

60ml eJuice bottle: $10.00 (+HST)


To help combat this new tax’s impact on your wallet, we suggest purchasing your favourite products in larger quantities prior to the dates listed above to avoid the possible risk of no longer being able to acquire your favourite products at their old price.


Ultimately, we truly wish we did not have to implement this new excise tax. It is things like this that only make it exponentially more difficult for those trying to quit smoking, to do so. It is our best wishes to see everyone cease the use of tobacco for their health. We all hope to continue moving forward together as a team and that we all stay smoke free together!


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