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Hakuna Salts

An apple a day takes your troubles away!

Introducing Hakuna, a fine selection of juicy and delectable apples, handpicked straight from the sacred branches of the Tribe12M jungle. Fuji and Granny Smith apples work in perfect harmony to create this refreshingly balanced blend, with a light Cranberry finish. The brightness of the ripest apples will fill your senses, followed by a touch of sweetness.

Darts L!X


L!X Darts Nic Salts is an original tobacco blend perfect for seasoned vapers and newly transitioning smokers alike. Bold but smooth.

Saltwork Orange


Saltwork Orange by LiX Nic Salts reduces the very essence of a juicy navel orange and turns it into a nectar to be blended with nicotine salts to create a dynamic all-day vape with a hint of icy mentho

Harambae Salts


Harambae features a tangy citrus unison of grapefruit highlights fused with lemon, lime, blood orange and refreshing guava undertones. The zesty and sharp exhale of this citrus synergy will be the savior to your taste buds when everything else feels dull!

Gattago Salts


A special treasure from deep within the jungles. Insanely tasty. Bold flavour profile with fresh juicy white grape.

Saimiri Salts


A special treasure from deep within the tribe12m jungles. Succulent, ripe strawberries gently dipped in a light coconut cream.

Lava Flow Salt Naked 100


Lava Flow Salt E-Liquid by Naked 100 Salts is a delectable combination ripe strawberries, refreshing coconut, and sugary tang of pineapple.

Puris Salts


These new world monkeys bring in the freshness! Featuring a delightful aromatic blend of ripe peaches, followed by a refreshing citrus punch!

Lemur Salts


The lemurs have just the right fix for those hot days in the jungle. Tangy lime and lemon intermingle in wonderful synergy! Smooth citrus notes on the inhale and a light, gently cooled exhale.

Papio Salts


Heyo, it’s papio! A juicy and vibrant pineapple for your all day vaping pleasure! Experience the bright and balanced notes that will keep you thinking of the sunny shores all day long.

Hawaiian Pog


Hawaiian pog is a perfectly balanced flavor that brings the tropics right to your taste buds, with a smooth, refreshing blend of freshly squeezed orange juice, sweet and tart passion fruit, and creamy exotic guava.