Myle Mod


The Myle NDS (Nicotine Delivery System) starter kit is one of the most innovative pod systems released to date. It features a very unique design along with some of the most latest and advanced technology to insure proper performance. Founded and designed in Italy, the Myle has interchangeable pod flavors that allows the vaper to pick and choose which flavor they would enjoy, along with their choice of nicotine strength. These Myle pods are thoroughly designed to offer an anti-leak system to maintain a positive and fun experience from start to finish. Replacement pods come in several incredibly crafted flavors such as: Cubano, Mighty Mint, Tropical Mango, and Summer Strawberry.



Myle Mod Features

  • Easy To Use – Plug pod into the device and start vaping
  • Easy To Charge – Micro USB Charging cable Included
  • MYLE Pod Capacity (0.9ml – 5% nicotine by volume – Not Included)
  • Battery Life LED Indicator
  • Longer Battery Life – 240 mAh batteries give you more time vaping between charges
  • Closest Experience to smoking (and better flavours!)
  • Canadian Made E-Liquid to meet the highest national safety standard
  • Stop smelling like smoke – No smell, no ash.

We have all the MYLE Pod Flavours currently available in Canada



On the inhale of MYLÈ Cubano Pods, a rich and earthy tobacco will delight your taste buds providing unique and accurate tobacco leaf flavor. To perfectly balance out the flavor, the exhale consists of a rich and luxurious cream that meshes with the tobacco to give you an extremely pleasing vaping experience.


Hawaiian is a blend of passion fruit, orange and guava mixed perfectly to deliver a rich exotic fruit flavour. A blend so potent no other fruit combination after will be able to erase its delicious memory. We dare you to find a better fruit e liquid flavor anywhere on earth.

Iced Mint:

A refreshing mint flavour, perfect for cooling you down on those hot days. Definitely an all day vape for any mint lover!

Lush Ice:

Lush Ice is watermelon candy flavor infused with a fresh breeze of menthol. Upon exhale a mixture of melon flavors infiltrate your taste buds that provides a smooth, cool and fruity all-day vaping experience!

Quad Berry:

Black currant, blueberry, blackberry, & raspberry on ice. A berry blend, bursting flavour with every breath.

Summer Strawberry:

Summer Strawberry is the perfect flavor for sunny days. Packed with fresh strawberry flavor and backed up by a nicotine salt formula, Summer Strawberry pods deliver a satisfying, summery vape that’s great for vaping throughout the day