Papa Daawg Iced


Raspberry lemon lime with a hint of grape  with a hint of refreshing menthol



To get the best vaping experience from Papa Daawg Iced T Daawg Labs, we recommend using a sub ohm (direct lung) tank, or kit. Papa Daawg Iced T Daawg Labs is a freebase eliquid. Freebase eliquids can be run at a higher wattage which will produce more vapor cloud and flavor.


Papa Daawg Iced T Daawg Labs is a high VG blend, meaning it is not recommended for use with most above ohm (mouth to lung) vaporizers. Although it will work with above ohm (mouth to lung) vaporizers, chain vaping can cause the coil to burn due to the typically smaller wick holes that above ohm (mouth to lung) vaporizers use.


Papa Daawg Iced T Daawg Labs is the ideal blend for rebuildables. The high VG and low nicotine combination mean it will produce the best vaping experience for any of you vaping hobbyists out there.

Only available at our Pickering location 1064 Salk Rd #11, Pickering, ON L1W 4B5