Relx Pro Pods $14.99

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Relx Pro Pods

Relx Pro Pods are compatible with the Relx Essential device and Relx Pro Device.

Lots of effort goes into the creation of  Relx pro pod flavours. You can never go wrong when it comes to pre-filled pods by Relx!

We recommend Relx as a tool for weening off of cigarettes as this device will mimic the draw and hit of a cigarette very closely.

Which Relx Pod is the best seller?

Out of the selection we currently carry, the Zesty Menthol and Hawaiian Sunshine are the 2 best sellers. However all of them have been flying off the shelves, so if any of them sound like something

you would enjoy, we recommend going for it!

Relx Pro Pod Flavours

Blue Gems– Blueberries

Dark Sparkle – Fizz

Double Peppermint – Super minty, cool, and sweet

Forest Gems – Mixed berries

Gardens Heart – Strawberry

Golden Slice – Mango Pineapple

Golden Tobacco – Roasted warm nutty tobacco

Hawaiian Sunshine – Pineapple Citrus

Jasmine – Soothing and tasty jasmine

Ludou Ice – A savoury and sweet blend

Menthol – Cool sharp mint

Orchard Rounds – Fresh peaches

Peppermint – Cool peppermint

Purple Snow – Grape Ice

Raspy Ruby – Raspberries

Rich Tobacco – Warm Rich Tobacco

Sunny Sparkle – Orange and citrus

Tangy Purple – Sour apple and grape

Zesty Menthol – Super strong menthol


2x 1.8mL Pods
20mg/mL Nicotine Strength
3.6mL vape juice

Each pack contains 2x 1.9mL pods, 3.8mL total.



Check out Relx’s impressive lineup of other flavours here.

Check out Relx’s (manufacturers) website for more details on the company.

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Blue Gems, Dark Sparkle, Double Peppermint, Forest Gems, Fresh Red, Gardens Heart, Golden Slice, Golden Tobacco, Hawaiian Sunshine, Jasmine Green Tea, Ludou Ice, Menthol Plus, Orchard Rounds, Purple Snow, Raspy Ruby, Rich Tobacco, Sunny Sparkle, Tangy Purple, Zesty Menthol

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    My order came on time, and they got it right the first time. So no complain here every thing went well with my order Thanks Salk Street Vapor.

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