Utillian 2 Coil

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Utillian 2 Coil

This is a replacement Dual Quartz Coil for the Utillian 2 Kit and is identical to the original Dual Quartz Coil received with the Utillian 2. Perfect for replacing your original if it is damaged, dirty or lost.

This coil needs to be replaced monthly with moderate to heavy use or the device itself begins to have a more difficult time correctly vaporizing your concentrates.

This happens to be one of the best Dual quartz coils on the market for any concentrate pen. The coil hits extremely smoothly and produces a subtle but aromatic flavor.



For more information about Utillian on the manufacturers, check their website.

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Black, gunmetal


Dual Quartz Coil

1 review for Utillian 2 Coil

  1. Staffmorrisshlangerkatz

    This coil works amazing for herbal concentrates.

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