Uwell Caliburn G Pod Kit

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Uwell Caliburn G



Uwell Caliburn G Pod Kit
The Uwell Caliburn G pod kit is the latest device in the Caliburn family from Uwell. For those looking to make the switch from cigarettes to vapes look no further than the Caliburn. The unique pull you get from this device perfectly emulates a cigarette along with the pocket portability of a cigarette as well
Featuring a sleek portable design
690mAh battery
2ml e-liquid pod capacity, and an intuitive easy to fill pod.
Adjustable airflow
Replaceable Coil
Uwell Caliburn G Pod Kit Contents
Uwell Caliburn G Device
New UN-2 Mesh 0.8 Coil
Type C USB Cable
Users Manual
Product dimensions
Battery Capacity: 693 mAh
Juice Capacity of Caliburn pod: 2 ml
Size: 108.3mm x 22.5mm x 12.6mm
net weight: 60 g
How to use the Uwell Caliburn G
The Uwell Caliburn is a fairly simple device that is appropriate for adults who are new to vaping or for seasoned veterans in the industry. The device can easily be turned on or off by pressing the fire button 5 times.
To fill the device you just remove the black mouthpiece portion of the pod and once you’ve gotten that off you can just pour your favourite vape juice into either side hole on the top of the pod. DO NOT pour the juice into the middle hole, if you do, you will get a mouth full of juice. This happens because the middle hole is the airflow portion of the pod, the vapor comes through that hole when you are inhaling. Once the pod is filled you need to wait about 5 minutes to let the wick and coil saturate. If you don’t wait your pod will immediately burn. Once the pod is burnt, there is no fixing it, you will have to put in a new pod.
To charge the device you just plug the supplied Type C cable into the bottom of your Uwell Caliburn device and the other end into a compatible USB port. We strongly recommend monitoring it while it charges, overcharging the device can be bad for the battery, and in some cases can cause the battery to vent. While using or charging your Caliburn you will notice 3 different colours on the LED below the firing mechanism. These different colours indicate the battery level, when the LED is green, the device is 60% or more charged. When the LED is blue the battery is 30%-60% charged and when the LED is red, the battery is below 30% charged.
Additional Information
Adjustable Airflow
Buton/Draw activated firing
LED Battery Life Indicator Light
Click 5 times to lock/unlock.
Draw-activated mechanism fault diagnosis function.
Top-fill cartridges, easy to use.
Compact and portable.
Material Aluminium Alloy
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Black, Rose Brown, Blue, Green, Grey, Red

2 reviews for Uwell Caliburn G Pod Kit

  1. morrisshlangerkatz

    Caliburn g is a good device. The only problem with it would be if you forget to shut it off it will go off in your pocket. Other then that I would say it has good battery life, gives off good flavour and vapor, and it charges up pretty quick.

  2. e.tlebar1995

    Very solid pod system. This is my absolute go-to since they discontinue the original device was discontinued. Good pod life, really nice battery life, and fast charging. All in all, it is a very small device and fits in any pocket. Just make sure it is turned off first!

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