Pecanilla L!x


A fine blend of Pecans and Vanilla with a hint of Tobacco

Darts L!X


Darts by LiX Nic Salts is a mature blend of original tobacco flavor, strong yet subtle.

Saltwork Orange L!X


Saltwork Orange by LiX Nic Salts reduces the very essence of a juicy navel orange and turns it into a nectar to be blended with nicotine salts to create a dynamic all-day vape with a hint of icy menthol.

Tropic Ice L!X


Tropic Ice by LiX Nic Salts is a smooth blend of exhilarating tropical fruits followed by an icy mentholated blast of freshness for a bracing and invigorating nicotine salt mixture.

Mint Condition L!X


Mint Condition by LiX Nic Salts is a refreshing blend of minty mentholated goodness mixed with powerful nicotine salts to create a icy cool amalgamation to stimulate the five senses.

Quad Berry L!X


Quad Berry by L!X Nic Salts is a nicotine salt rendition, borrowing flavors from four different berries such as exotic black currants, succulent blackberries, juicy blueberries, and tart raspberries, to create a powerful nicotine salt blend with a hint of menthol.

Pound Town L!X


Pound Town by L!X Nic Salts takes a slice of buttery moist yellow cake and expands it with a deluge of colorful sugar sprinkles to produce a powerful nicotine salt blend.