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Vape kits come in different shapes, sizes and colours. They also vary in functionality depending on the unit purchased. Some can be used for getting a cigarette like draw and other ca

What is included in a vape starter kit?

Contents of a starter kit

A vape starter kit typically includes a vape pen, a charging cable, and a cartridge or tank for holding e-liquid. Some starter kits may also include additional items, such as additional cartridges or tanks, lanyards for carrying the pen, or protective carrying cases. The exact contents of a starter kit may vary depending on the manufacturer and the specific kit.

In short, a kit should come with everything you need to get started, unless it is an external battery kit, in which case you normally need to purchase batteries separately.
What is the best vape starter kit?

The best vape kit

There is no "best" starter kit - the best for each individual varies based on use case. However, the Caliburn series of pod systems are widely considered the best on the market. With many different pod systems available these days, we highly recommend coming into one of our stores or giving us a call to consult with a specialist which will be the best fit for you.
How much nicotine is in a vape kit?

Nicotine content in a vape kit

Most kits do not include e-liquid and will have to be purchased separately. Which is good as it allows you to determine what is the right amount for you, instead of being stuck with too high, or too low of a strength. 

If you get a kit that uses prefilled pods, the prefilled pods are normally included. The nicotine in most prefilled pods is  20mg per ml.