Vape Pods

You've got lots of choices when it comes to vape pods. There are pre-filled pods, which are easy and convenient to use! Simply open a pack and pop a pod into your device. There are also refillable pods, which gives vapers a much larger selection of pod sizes, wattage adjustments, nicotine levels, and more. Check out our massive selection of flavoured pods and devices to find the best pod vape for you!

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How much do vape pods cost?

How much are vape pods?

Vape pods can vary in price depending on the quantity, size, brand and if they are prefilled or refillable. Prices range from as low as $9.99 to as much as $24.99. Per pod price is normally around $5 each.

How many puffs do vape pods have?

How long do vape pods last?

Vape pods can last anywhere from a day to a week. It depends on the pod, the device, the wattage and most importantly the user. The average pod is about 2ml, which would last the average user about one day. However some pods such as the elf bar lowit last as long as 5500 puffs and are 14ml in size. That lasts the average user about 7 days. 

Now refillable pods are a completely different story. For a 2ml refillable pod you typically get about 7 refills from. However certain vape juice contain a lot of sweetener, and in that case could only last 3 refills. Other juices like mint, or flavourless could last as long as 15 refills. 

How vape pods work

How do vape pods work?

Vape pods work the same as any other vape. There is a battery which supplies heat to the coil. When the coil heats up it vaporizes the liquid that the user can inhale. 

Some pod vapes contain a sensor that causes the battery to be activated when inhaling, some pod vapes require the user to push and hold a button to vape. That is typically the larger refillable pods vapes that require a button for vaporizing. 

My vape pod is leaking

Why is my vape pod leaking?

There are a few things that can cause a pod to leak and the explanation can differ depending on prefilled pods versus refillable pods.

Prefilled pods are less likely to leak then refillable due to them not being needed to be opened. Which means less holes, and seals and therefore less areas to leak from.

Prefilled pods should only really leak for 2 reasons, one is if they were over filled during manufacturing. Two is if the temperature around the pod is changing causing the liquid to thin and the seals to expand and retract. Try to store pods at a regulated temperature to avoid any leaking issues.

Refillable pods can leak for a few different reasons. One of them is the same as pre filled pods, the temperature. If the temperature around the vape is constantly changing, for example in winter it goes from -20 to +20 going outdoor to indoor. This will likely cause a leak.

Another reason for leaking is the seals, or gaskets on the vape may be defective or deteriorating causing liquid to leak from the small gaps.

The last explanation is that the liquid is too thin for the coil in the device. Some coils have wider openings needing more viscous vape juice. If you use a thin vape juice on a coil with a large opening (typically a lower resistance coil), the juice will just flow right through the coil and leak out.

How long do vape pods last?

Can vape pods expire?

Yes. The flavourings and nicotine in vape pods do expire. They are typiceally have a 2 year expiry if stored correctly which is at about room temperature in a dimly lit space. 

If you leave it in a hot bright area the pods can expire extremely quickly. Within days if its hot enough. You can also make them last longer then 2 years if you store them in a cold dark area like a fridge. However we don't recommend doing so due to the other aspects of the pod, may cause some issues with the actual pod itself.

To check the expiry look on the pack of pods or the individual pod itself. It should either have a manufacturing date or expiry date. If only the manufacturing data is listed remember you have about 2 years if properly stored.

Regulations on vape pods

What vape pods are banned?

In Canada, there are some federal  regulations, and some provincial regulations. Federal regulations have limited nicotine content to a maximum of 20mg/ml Canada Wide. They have also limited vape pod flavours to being only sold in specialty vape stores. Meaning you can't just get them at any convenience store.

Provincial Regulations have banned flavoured pods in Nova Scotia, P.E.I and New Brunswick. It's also limited pod size in British Columbia to 2ml in size.