Vape Mods

There are many options for vape mods. You could get a mod with a built in battery, or a mod that takes four external batteries. There are vape mods (also referred as box mods) that are designed to run at higher wattages for large clouds and flavour. There are also some that run at a lower wattage for a tighter more cigarette like draw. Check out our selection of box mods to best suit your vaping needs.

What is a vape mod or box mod?

What are Vape Mods/Box Mods

 A vape or box mod would refer to the vaporizing device itself. This would refer to any device without the tank or pod attached. Box mods typically require external power sources (such as 18650 batteries) though can also feature a built in battery. Vape or box mods will not function without the addition of a tank, or pods.

Are box mods safe?

Safety of Box Mods

 Box mods are typically very safe. Many companies have taken steps to increase the safety precautions for their products. Most of the vapes on the market will have features such as overcharge protection, short circuit protection and overheat protection, though you may want to research your particular device to be sure of all of the safety features for your particular device. Always remember to keep your batteries (18650’s if applicable) in perfect condition. If your battery wrap starts to ‘tear’, is when safety becomes a concern. We recommend replacing or rewrapping any battery that shows damage to the battery wrap itself.

Can box mods use salt nicotine?

Salt Nicotine in Box Mods

Box mods can in fact use nicotine salts! Though, there are some precautions. Nicotine salts are not recommended to be used at below 1.0ohms. To use nicotine salts with your box mod, be sure the tank has the option for a higher ohm (>1.0ohm) coil and can fire at a lower wattage (such as 8-18w). Never use salt nicotine in a sub ohm tank.

Do box mods come with batteries?

Batteries Included with Box Mod

Typically box mods would require an external source of power (such as an 18650 battery). Though, there are many modern box mods that include built-in batteries. Be sure to research your particular box mod to be sure if you will need an external source of power.

How does a box mod work?

Function of a Box Mod

 Box mods work by providing power to the added tank or pod attached. A box mod will not vaporize nicotine or e-juice on its own, and will need to be provided with a tank or pod to function. Typically box mods allow for the user to adjust the temperature or wattage settings for their tank to what is preferred by the user.

How to turn on a box mod?

Power on a Vape Mod

To turn on a box mod, simply insert your batteries in the direction indicated on the vaporizer itself. Once the batteries have been inserted, you can click the “fire” (or power) button 5 times in quick succession to power on or power off the device.