Vape Tanks

Vape tanks allow the user to maximize flavour and cloud control. With the huge range of coils, tank size and vapor production, tanks really give vapers the versatility to find the perfect vape. You can fill up that 6ml tank, run it at 120 watts on your 0.15ohm coil and blow some clouds. Or you can screw in the 1.8ohm coil, put in some tobacco flavour juice, tighten the air flow and feel like you're smoking a cigarette. The choice is yours!

What is the best vape tank?

The best vape tank


for your vaporizer is totally dependent on your personal needs! There are many different factors when choosing a tank for your vape. If you are looking for larger clouds, you may opt for a tank meant for ‘sub ohm’ vaping such as the Freemax Fireluke. If you are looking for a ‘mouth-to-lung’ style vape, you should look for a tank that runs a low wattage, high ohm coil such as the Aspire Nautilus

What is a mtl mouth to lung vape?

A MTL vape or Direct Lung Vape refers to the style of inhalation used.

A MTL (or Mouth-To-Lung) style tank or device refers to first bringing the vapour into your mouth before inhaling, similar to drinking from a straw. 

What is a dl direct lung vape?

Direct Lung Vape (DL)

A Direct Lung Vape would be a vaporizer you would directly inhale into your lungs, without first storing the vapour in your mouth. This would be similar to taking a regular breath in through your mouth.

Why are vape tanks only 2ml?

Why can I only get 2ml vape tanks?

Vape tanks have restricted capacity due to certain Provinical legslation. For example British Colombia, has passed laws mandating the largest size vape pod, tank or disposable can be is 2ml. A similar law was passed in the UK, which also limited all vaporizers to a 2ml capacity.

Why do vape tanks leak?

Why does my vape tank leak?

Tanks can leak for a variety of different reasons. You may find your tank leaking if it is left in a hot environment, if the cotton in the coil has burnt and is no longer holding the quantity of liquid it would normally store, or if any of the seals have started to crack or break inside of your tank.

If you are experiencing leaking with your tank, we recommend changing the coil, leaving your vape in a room temperature environment, keeping your vaporizer upright and replacing the seals or gaskets in the tank itself.

For more information check out our blog post about leaking tanks here!

How to clean vape tanks?

Cleaning a vape tank

You can easily clean your tank by disassembling the tank itself. For a quick clean, you can use a paper towel to wipe away any remaining juices or residues. Do not use tissue or toilet paper as it may leave behind unwanted paper particles. For a more intensive clean, rinse the pieces of your tank under warm water for 20-30 seconds. Be sure all residue has been removed. Next allow the tank to fully dry before reassembling and starting to use your device.

Do vape tanks fit all mods?

Are vape tanks universal?

Most tanks on the market will fit your typical vape mod. Be sure to check for the ‘threading’ of your tank and device to be sure they match. A 510-thread is the most common thread type for both vape tanks and mods. Always remember, there are certain mods that will only fit certain tanks, such as the Voopoo Drag S or X. These mods will only fit the “Voopoo PNP Tank” and do not have a 510-threading. Be sure to research your tank and mod to be sure of tank and device compatibility.