Boosted Vape $17.49

Boosted is a Canadian vape brand made by the GoldLabs manufacturing company. They make both pods and disposables. The pods they make are compatible with the STLTH, Allo Sync, and Boom pod systems. The disposables are standalone devices that come in 8ml, 10ml, and 12ml sizes. The largest of which is also rechargeable with a USB C cable. All the boosted products we sell contain synthetic nicotine which provide a stronger hit for the user. It is an alternative option to 50mg which is no longer available for sale in Canada. With over 30 pod flavours, and 10 disposables you are sure to find something you enjoy.

How to charge a Boosted disposable?

Charging a Boosted Disposable

Boosted Bar Pro devices offer the ability to recharge them before they fully die. Boosted offers 3 sizes of disposable; a 1500 puff, 3000 puff, and 5000 puff device. Since the Boosted Bar Pro is so large it requires the ability to be charged so one can finish the total contents of the vape.
Simply plug a type C charging cable into the base of the device and allow the device to charge for about 60 minutes before it is done. You will know it is charged when the light turns off.
What device uses the Boosted pods?

Devices compatible with Boosted Pods

Boosted pods are one of our most popular pod brands at Salk Street. These pods are completely compatible with the Canadian-made STLTH device as well as the ALLO Sync device. This is an excellent thing because it really allows you to open up your m, menu options on flavors you can try.
All Boosted pods are 2ml and the exact same shape and size as STLTH pods. The only difference is that the mouthpiece is slightly wider allowing for more airflow with the Boosted pods.
How many puffs are in a Boosted disposable?

Puff count of Boosted Pods

There are three separate sizes for Boosted disposables. There is the Boosted Bar which is a 1500 puff device, Boosted Bar Plus which is a 3000 puff device, and finally Boosted Bar Pro which is a rechargeable disposable at 5000 puff.
Depending on your needs or style of vaping you can select any one of these three sizes. If you like to switch between vapes often, then the smaller size is for you. If you want as much as you can get out of one flavor then the Boosted Bar Pro is the better choice. The Plus size is a great middle ground.
Is the Boosted synthetic nicotine okay to use?

Safety of Synthetic Nicotine

Boosted is one of the first brands to use the newly developed analog, synthetic nicotine. Synthetic nicotine may sound a bit scary but is actually quite safe in reality. Synthetic nicotine has been synthesized in a professional laboratory through the use of safe precursors to end with the exact same molecule as nicotine extracted from the tobacco leaf. Most companies that deal in e-liquid will use nicotine extracted from the tobacco plant. This is not dangerous or necessarily worse but it also extracts a minute amount of impurities which dilute the effect of the nicotine. When nicotine is synthesized from scratch it leaves the isolated nicotine molecule behind and no other compound impurities. Due to this very clean nicotine, your body treats it with more bioavailability. This means that when you inhale synthetic nicotine it feels a lot stronger than a regular 20mg strength. You are not actually intaking more nicotine than the regular 20mg it's just that your body made more use of what was inhaled than if you had used a regular 20mg.
Does Boosted hit stronger?

Strength of Hit

Boosted brand products will give the user the impression that they have hit a much stronger strength than 20mg, though they have not. This is because the purity of synthetic nicotine is far higher than that of regularly extracted nicotine. Your body will absorb more per puff than it would with non-synthetic nicotine. This is excellent for those who are just coming off of cigarettes or are struggling to keep up with vaping. Some prefer a much stronger hit and Boosted definitely fits that bill.