Elf Bar $14.99

Elf Bar was founded in 2018 with the goal to provide more authentic tasting flavours in a stream lined accessible device. Eventually they hit the nail on the head with the Elf Bar 5000 puff disposable and since have managed to do it again with the Elf Bar Lowit pods, available in 2500 puff and 5500 puff size. With a wide variety of flavours and sizes you're sure to enjoy one of their many options available.

How do you charge an ELFBAR?

Charging the ELFBAR

ELFBAR 5000 and ELFBAR Lowit (Pod System) are both fully rechargeable devices. The Elf Bar 5000 is a single-use disposable that offers a type c charging port on the bottom. This is to assist in completing the full 5000 puff count in the device itself. This is a highly convenient way to pack more puffs into a single device! The Elf Bar Lowit battery also charges the same way. Type C charging ports are the same type that many smartphones use. This is great because these chargers provide a much faster charging time, allowing you to wait less time while waiting for your device to charge.
All you have to do is simply plug the device you are using into a wall or laptop port. The device will then begin to charge. Once the device is done charging, the light will turn off on the device, signifying it is now ready for use.
How many hits do ELFBARS have?

Puff Count of Elf Bar

There are a few different types of devices from Elf Bar that we carry. One of them is the Elf Bar 5000 disposable device. This device will last roughly 5000 puffs! This is quite a large puff count for a disposable device. You should be able to get 2 to 3 charges out of the device before it is completely finished. 
The second type we carry is the Elf Bar Lowit pos system. This device offers two various pod sizes. There is a 5500 puff pod and a 2500 puff pod. Having two sizes is convenient for those who like to switch up their flavour more often! It also gives one a chance to test out more flavours without committing to such a large size. Both of these offered pods will behave much like the disposable in that smaller puffs will allow for longer use while taking larger hits more often will run the device out faster. Ultimately Elf bars tend to last more vapers an average of a week or so.
Do ELFBARS help you stop smoking?

Quit smoking with ELFBARS

Like any vape device, they are very much capable of assisting you on your journey to become smoke-free. There is never any guarantee that any vape product will 100% help you quit smoking. That said, the Elf Bar has helped many of our long-time customers quit smoking and stay away from tobacco products. 
The Elf Bar produces really long and flavourful hits each time you go to inhale, many people find that this harder-hitting device is just what they needed to put down cigarettes for good.
How much are ELFBARS?

Cost of an ELFBAR

Elf Bars vary in price depending on which disposable system you are looking for. The Elf Bar 5000 disposables start at $24.99 plus tax. If you are looking at the Elf Bar Lowit system and the pods to go with it, the prices vary slightly. For the Elf Bar Lowit device, it is just $14.99 plus tax. If you are looking for the 5500 Puff Lowit pods they are $22.99 plus tax and the smaller 2500 puffs are $13.99 plus tax. The 2500 Lowit pods are a fantastic deal if you are looking for a fairly sizeable pod but don't want to commit to a full 5500 puffs. The other plus to this is that there is no other pre-filled pod system that we carry that offers 2500 puff pods! To be clear the 2500 size pods are 8mL of e-liquid and the 5500 size contains a full 14mL of e-liquid.