Flavour Beast $15.99

The company behind the Flavour Beast Flow Disposable Vape, and Flavour Beast Pods. The disposable is 10ml, up to 4000 puffs, and rechargeable. The pods are compatible with the Allo Sync, STLTH, and Boom pod systems. Launching in the summer of 2022 they came out strong with a strong flavourful experience. They have since then added multiple flavours to their line. The often forgotten adjustable airflow is a nice touch allowing each user to fine tune it to their liking.

What devices use Flavour Beast pods?

Device Compatibility with Flavour Beast Pods

Flavour Beast pods are one of the smoothest and most hard-hitting pods you can find anywhere. They have quickly become incredibly popular among all customers who use them. These pods are fully compatible with the STLTH pod system. This is a great size device to carry with you so these pods will match it perfectly for you! You can also toss these pods into an ALLO Sync pod system as well. This gives you lots of options and opens your menu choices right up!
What is in a Flavour Beast?

Specifications of a Flavour Beast

Flavour Beast disposables are one of our most popular brands of disposable. These have erupted in popularity this last half year of 2022. If you are wondering what the make-up and mechanics of this disposable are, here is a low-down explanation. 

Flavour Beast disposables hold 10mL of e-liquid, rated at a 4000 puff count. These disposables are draw-activated, meaning you do not have to push a button or change any settings on the device. Each device uses a mesh coil inside the tank. This will provide the user with a strong and smooth hit each time. The best part is that the Flavour Beast disposables all have a type C charging port, allowing you to charge the device to ensure you get all 4000 puffs out of it before it's truly done. Each Battery is 600mAh which should carry you through most of the day with regular use.

How many puffs are in the Flavour Beast?

Puff Count for Flavour Beast

In terms of the puff counts of Flavour Beast products, the disposables contain 10mL of e-liquid and are rated at 4000 puffs. A huge puff count like this will typically carry you for a week or so. The pods are a lot smaller and are only 2mL each. Smaller 2mL pods only take a few days to finish as they contain only a fraction of what the disposable will.