Freemax $19.99

Founded in 2013 they quickly became one of the leading hardware manufacturers in Canada. In 2017 they introduced the first mesh coil for sub ohm tanks. They focus on developing coils and tanks for vape mods.

What is the difference between the Freemax tanks?

Difference between the Freemax Tanks

Freemax tanks come in all sorts of variants to suit your needs. Based off of your preferred wattage, nicotine strength and hit you're looking for, you may find the Fireluke 3 or M Pro 2 better for your personal use. - The M Pro 2 is a larger tank with larger coils that runs at higher wattages, better suited for 2 battery mods. The Fireluke 3 is smaller and more versatile, certain coils being suited for running as low as 20 watts others going as high as 90 watts. It's smaller size also lets it comfortably fit on almost any mod.
Can I use salt nicotine in the Freemax tank?

Salt Nicotine in a Freemax Tank

It is always recommended that salt nicotine is only used with coils above 1ohm. Since the Freemax does not offer coils above 1ohm, we recommend only using freebase nicotine in these tanks.
Can I use freebase in the Freemax tank?

Freebase in a Freemax Tank

Yes! Freebase nicotine is the perfect fit for your Freemax tank, delivering plenty of vapour, flavour and airflow.
Does the Freemax tank create a lot of vapour?

Vapour with a Freemax Tank

Yes, the Freemax tanks are wonderful at creating vapour clouds. Opting for a mesh-style coil can also further improve vapour production.
Does the Freemax tank give a lot of flavour?

Flavour Pay off with Freemax Tank

Freemax tanks are designed to deliver a nice amount of flavour and vapour. You may find the mesh-style coils even more flavourful, as they are designed to vaporize more juice evenly across the coil.