FRuitbae $21.99

Fruitbae is a Canadian company, it was formerly known as Sorbae. They are an e-liquid company offering amazing fruit blend juices. Available in freebase and salt nicotine options.

Where is Fruitbae made?

Fruitbae was made

Fruitbae is a brand made right here in Canada. This brand is produced by Premium e-Juice, a manufacturer of many great flavours. They are located in Vaughan, Ontario. All ingredients and flavourings are made within their own lab.
What is the most popular Fruitbae flavour?

Top selling flavour

There are many popular fruitbae flavors available on the market. Some of the most popular long-time flavours include; Passionfruit Aloe, Raspberry Sour Apple, and Mango Peach.
Can I get 50mg Fruitbae vape juice?

50mg Fruitbae juice

At one point Fruitbae, and many other e-liquid brands in Canada, produced all of their flavors with nicotine strengths of up to 50mg of nicotine per mL. On July 8, 2021, Canada passed a new regulation that forces all e-liquid brands to produce strengths no higher than 20mg per mL of e-liquid. At this point, the strongest strength available for not just Fruitbae, but any flavor from any brand, is 20mg of nicotine per mL.