Geekvape $9.99

Geekvape, founded in 2015, is a vape brand that manufactures all types of devices. From pod systems to the 2 battery Geekvape Aegis kits, to tanks and coils. They have almost everything you need to get started on quitting smoking. The one item you will need to purchase separately to any Aegis kits is the vape juice. The most popular product by them is the Aegis lineup, with the dust proof, water proof, drop proof design, it's an easy choice for anyone working in a more physically demanding job.

How to fill a Geekvape device?

Refilling a Geekvape device or pod 

There are many types of devices from geekvape, most devices will either have a pod or a tank depending on the style you have selected. No matter what the style is, most tanks and pods have a similar filling system. Some of them involve just pulling back a small rubber cap, sticking your bottle nozzle in, and filling it up with e-liquid. While a tank might involve unscrewing or opening a top latch to remove the cap of the tank. The same process then follows by sticking the nozzle of your e-liquid bottle in the top filling hole and squeezing.
How to change the coil?

Changing a Geekvape Coil

Geekvape has many different device and tank styles as well as pod systems. Some of their systems just involve changing an entire pod which is a simple process of removing the old one and putting a new one on top. Tanks like the Cerberus tank, which comes with the Aegis Legend 2 Kit, use a coil and need to be changed.
This is a simple process now with almost all tanks that use coils. Simply remove the tank from the device, and screw off the bottom once the tank is empty of e-liquid. Simply pull the coil out and drop a new one in. Once you have done that, simply fill your tank and wait about 15 minutes for the coil to fully absorb the liquid.
How to unlock a Geekvape mod?

Unlock a Geekvape Device

Devices that can lock are excellent because this is a very important feature for a few reasons. The first is so that your device does not fire in your pocket or bag when you are traveling. The second is that even if a device is off if it is not locked it can potentially be turned on by mistake and fired anyway.
The Geekvape Aegis Legend 2 Kit has a simple slide lock button on the side of the device. When you are finished with your vape, just slide the switch and you can safely slide it into your pocket or bag.
Is the Geekvape Aegis Legend 2 waterproof?

Waterproof Geekvape Aegis

One of the biggest features of Geekvape as a vape brand is that they focus heavily on durability with their devices. They tend to repeatedly feature waterproof and shockproof technology as well as tough exterior shells made with higher-grade metals and components.
The question is are they really waterproof? The answer to this is a technical yes! This is true for the most part. They can handle mild weather and rain quite well, if it does fall into the wet or damp ground they won't cease to function. All USB ports and openings have rubber seals on them. We do not recommend swimming or bathing with this device at all! It is not impossible for this device to flood if it is submerged underwater at any point. There is no guarantee this will not harm or permanently damage your device.
The tank that remains on top of your device will not be waterproof or shockproof at all so if the device falls, the mod itself will be fine but the tank may break on impact due to it being made of glass.
Can I use salt nicotine in a Geekvape Aegis device?

Salt Nicotine in a Geekvape Aegis is not suggested.

The Geekvape Aegis Legend 2 kit is not designed to be used with Nic salt. The reason for this is that the tank on the top is sub-ohm. This means that it will be run at a higher wattage and produce very large clouds and a lot of vapor. This will be too much with nic salt. Since nic salt is typically found in the strengths of 10mg and 20mg, there will be too much nicotine delivered to your system too quickly.
The best type of liquid to use with this kit is freebase liquid which will be in lower strengths such as 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and sometimes 12/18 mg. If you are using one of Geekvapes smaller pod systems, these are above ohm. This means that they are run at a much lower power setting and are meant to be used with much higher nicotine strengths. These devices will also produce less vapor and instead will be more focused on nicotine delivery.