Genie Air $29.99

Genie Air is a brand specializing in disposable vapes. This sizeable 10ml vape lasts up to a huge 4500 puffs! Which should give most vapers days of solid use. The Genie Air is equipped with a mesh coil technology which will give you the smoothest and most flavourful hits possible! They use a synthetic nicotine, which provides a more potent draw to really tackle those nicotine cravings. They also carry a variety of minty, fruity and sour flavours.

Is the Genie Air rechargeable?

Rechargeable Genie Air

The Genie Air 5000 is not a rechargeable device, though there is a new larger size that is rechargeable, however the MSRP on that is over $50. Despite lacking the charging feature, it makes up for that in flavour and quality, we've personally gotten many days of use out of one device, the only dropoff was once the device was completely dead.
What type of nicotine does the Genie Air use?

Nicotine used for Genie Air

The Genie Air uses a synthetic nicotine in their disposable. Synthetic nicotine is meant to deliver a stronger nicotine hit compared to its salt nicotine counterpart.
What is the best Genie vape flavour?

Best Selling Genie

My personal favourite of the Genie Air would be the Peach Blueberry Frost. Featuring a delicious mix of peaches and blueberries with a soft menthol finish.
Why does the Genie vape use a mesh coil?

Mesh Coil for the Genie

Mesh coils are designed to improve vapor production and flavour. They may also last longer than a traditional wrapped coil as there are no 'hot spots', meaning your coil should heat evenly with every draw.