Ghost $17.99

Enjoy Ghosts large selection of disposable vapes in a wide variety of flavours. From Blizzard, to Strawberry Kiwi, Ghost has the perfect flavour for you. Available in a variety of sizes!

What nicotine strength are Ghosts available in?

Strength of Ghost Disposables

Ghost disposables are currently only available in 20mg of Salt Nicotine.
Are Ghost disposables rechargeable?

Rechargeable Ghost Disposable

Currently no versions of the Ghost are rechargeable. Be sure to check the box and your device before properly disposing of it incase you can get some extra life out of any of your disposable vapes by recharging it.
Does Ghost also make eJuice?

Ghost e-juice

Unfortunately, Ghost does not make bottles of eLiquid at this time. You can find a wide variety of similar flavours of eJuice on our website.