Ghost Vape $17.99

Ghost is a disposable vape brand distributed in the Canadian market. They have many sizes, the Ghost original in 1.2ml, Ghost XL 3.2ml 6ml, Ghost Max 6ml, Ghost Mega 9ml and the Ghost Box 3500 puff 8ml rechargeable vape. With so many sizes and so many flavours, there is bound to be a flavour you'll enjoy. The Mega and Max models also have adjustable air flow which allows you to fine tune the draw on each hit.

How to recharge a Ghost disposable vape?

Recharging a Ghost Disposable

Ghost Disposables currently do not offer a rechargeable device. Rechargeable devices are typically those with puff counts higher than 3000. The reason for this is that it usually takes a larger batter or two charges to complete a device that holds that much e-liquid. 
Ghost disposables are currently single use non-rechargeable disposable devices. This means all you have to do is tear open the package, and begin to use the device. The device will flash when it is going to die and will not be further usable afterward.
How many puffs are in a Ghost XL?

Puff Count of Ghost XL

Ghost XL contains 2mL of e-liquid and is rated at 800 puffs. These are relatively smaller disposables designed for those that are new to vaping or those who like to switch between flavours more often, rather than being committed to one flavour for a longer period of time.
The length of time this device lasts is more dependent on your frequency of use rather than how much is inside of it. If you take longer drags it will surely die a lot faster than if you were taking smaller puffs further apart.
Why is my Ghost disposable vape blinking?

Blinking Disposable

Most disposables have a way of letting the user know that the device will die soon or is about to die. This is usually done via a flashing light or vibration. With the Ghost disposable series, the device will flash a few times at the end of your puff as it is beginning to die. When it is fully dead it will consistently flash every time you attempt to hit it and no vapour will be produced. This is a sign the device is now done.
Where to buy Ghost vapes?

Where to buy Ghost vapes?

You can find a massive selection of Ghost brand disposables here at our Salk Street store. We have all various types of Ghost devices. We carry the Ghost XL at 800 puffs, The Ghost MAX at 2000 puffs, and The Ghost Mega at 3000 puffs.
Ghost is one of the oldest disposable brands we have been carrying. It is a long-time favourite among many customers and we would recommend this brand any day!
What's in a Ghost Disposable Vape?

What's in a Ghost Disposable Vape?

Ghost devices are all quite simple and there is not much to them! Each device is going to contain either 2mL, 6mL, or 8mL of e-liquid depending on the size you have chosen. All devices are going to contain 20mg of nicotine per ml which is the maximum strength in Canada. The Ghost Max is also offered in regular and "Bold" which means it will have a slightly harsher throat hit for those who prefer a harder kick.
The devices themselves are all draw-activated, meaning all you have to do is inhale to make them work. The Ghost Max offers an adjustable airflow on the bottom of their device so you can achieve your desired hit!