IVG $19.99

IVG, also known as I Vape Great, is a UK based vape juice and disposable manufacturer. As of right now their juice has been discontinued in Canada, however they have an impressive lineup of flavourful disposables. Available in a 8ml, 3000 puff, pen style shape, these IVG disposables have quickly become one of the more popular brands in Canada.

How to recharge an IVG disposable vape?

Recharging the IVG Disposable

IVG Disposables do not offer a rechargeable device at the moment. It is typical that disposables with a Puff count higher than 3000, will be rechargeable. A much larger battery is needed to handle more e-liquid so devices of that nature tend to have a rechargeable function.
IVG disposables single use disposable devices. This means all you have to do is tear open the package, and begin to use the device. The device will flash when it is near its end and afterward you can dispose of it.
What's in an IVG Disposable?

What's an IVG Disposable?

IVG disposables are simply another brand of disposable vapes that we carry. IVG is a widely popular brand around the world and has won many awards for its flavors and combinations. IVG offers a disposable with 3000 puffs which should last the average vaper many days of use. 
The flavours the IVG offers such as the "Fizz Ice" and the "Strawberry Watermelon" are always very strong tasting and have an excellent note to them. These are slender and easy-to-use devices that require no setting changing or buttons. Simply open the package and inhale.
Where to buy IVG vapes?

Where can I buy IVG Vapes?

You can find an excellent selection of IVG brand disposables here at Salk Street. We have many of IVG's best flavours in stock! We offer a great selection of fruit and unique flavour blends.
IVG is a relatively newer disposable brand we have been carrying. It is a long-time favourite brand for e-liquid around the world. Their disposables are right on par with their bottled liquids.
Why is my IVG disposable vape blinking?

Blinking IVG Vape

Most disposables will have some way to show their user that it is going to stop working soon. This is normally done with blinking lights or a small vibration depending on the brand. IVG devices will blink a few times after each puff as it is getting towards its end. When the device light blinks continuously after a single puff and there is no vapor production, the device is completely dead.
After this, there is no way to recharge the device so it may be disposed of.
How many puffs are in an IVG?

Puff Count of IVG Disposables

IVG disposables contain a total of 8mLs that are rated at 3000 Puffs. This is actually a fairly sizeable vape for being a small slender device. This will last the average vaper several days of solid use.
This can be dependent on how often you are using the device, how long your hits are, and how close together its use is. If you are taking longer hits it will last much less than 3000 puffs. If you are taking smaller mouth-to-lung draws, they will carry on possibly more than 3000 puffs.