Lemon Drop $21.99

Enjoy Lemon Drops delicious blend of tart, zesty lemon combined with only the freshest flavours. Lemon drop is available in both Salt Nicotine and Freebase Nicotine. Your new favourite fruity flavoured eJuice.

Does Lemon Drop use salt nicotine?

Lemon Drop Salt

Yes, like most brands that make e-liquid, Lemon Drop produces both nicotine salt and freebase nicotine flavours. All of Lemon drop's salt nicotine will come in 30mL bottles as any other brand.
What is the most popular Lemon Drop flavour?

Most Popular Lemon Drop Juice

There are a ton of choices when it comes to the Lemon Drop line. Some of the most popular flavours include the Pink Lemonade, as well as the Punch Lemonade. Lemon drop is great at producing tangy and sour flavours with sweet undertones. They also offer many of their flavours with a mint variant.
Where is Lemon Drop vape juice made?

Lemon Drop is Made

Lemon Drop is another Canadian brand of e-liquid. The "Drop" series is actually created by the makers of Fruitbae. There are other variants of this line such as Berry Drop and Apple Drop. Many of the "Drop" line flavors are created in the same facility as the Fruitbae series.