Naked 100 $21.99

Naked 100 is a company that manfactures e-liquid that is based in California. All of their flavours were concocted in the USA but have a Canadian manufacturer called Canada Vape Labs. which is based out of Toronto, ON Canada. They offer a full range of nicotine strengths for freebase and salt nicotine e-juice. They produce a variety of different flavours sure to please any vaper!

Where is Naked100 made?

Made in

Naked 100 e-liquid is one of the few brands we carry that didn't originate in Canada. Naked 100 is produced in Southern California, in USA Vape Lab. Naked has become one of the most popular e-liquid lines in Canada and continues to be one of the kingpins for fruit flavours.
Is Naked100 a good vape juice brand?

Naked100 juice brand

Naked 100 is one of the oldest and most foundational e-liquid brands in the industry. Naked has produced some of the most interesting flavors we have seen. Some of their most popular flavors include Really Berry and Peachy Peach.
Does Naked100 vape juice work in my Caliburn?

Naked100 in a Caliburn device

The Caliburn series is aimed at using nicotine salt e-liquid. Some of the pods for the various Caliburn devices may be able to handle the thicker freebase e-liquid, but it is ideal to use salt nicotine. Naked 100 produces a huge array of salt nicotine flavours to choose from. Any of these should be fine in your Caliburn and other devices that are similar as well.