RELX $6.99

RELX is a vaping manufacturer responsible for the RELX pod system and RELX disposable. With a limited selection of both pods and disposables, they had to make sure they nailed each one, and boy did they. With great watermelon flavours such as Fresh Red, awesome strong tobaccos like Rich Tobacco, and refreshing cool mints like zesty menthol, they have an irresistible selection.

Where to buy RELX pods?

Purchasing Relx pods

You can purchase relx pods right here at Salk Street Vapor Shoppes. We carry a large selection of pods with many flavours to choose from. Relx has been a long-time customer favourite brand as they offer a fantastic pod system with great battery life.
How long does a RELX battery last?

Battery life of the RELX

The Relx device battery will keep a charge for various lengths of time depending on your use. The battery size is only 350 mAh but this device is designed to fire at very low power. This is to imitate the feeling of a cigarette as closely as possible for vapers who are trying to quit smoking.
How to refill RELX pod?

Refillable RELX pods

Though the relx device uses pods, they are closed pods and designed to be used only once. It is possible to pod the lid off of the pod and refill it but this will not work the same as when it was new. The flavour of the liquid will be diluted and stale tasting. You may also get a burnt cotton taste. 
Why is the RELX blink red when inhaling?

Flashing red on my RELX device

When your device is blinking it can mean a few different things. A flashing light is usually an indication that the device is low on battery and may die soon. If it is about to die it will flash continuously. The second possibility is that the pod is not installed correctly, or there is some debris in the way of the connection. If this is the case simply wipe the device out with a paper towel. Repeat the same process for the pod.
How to use the RELX vape?

Navigating the RELX vape

The Relx device is a very simple-to-use system. Simply make sure your device is charged and insert a flavoured pod on the top. Once you have done this all you need to do is inhale and your vaping! Be sure to check the level of e-liquid in the pod to ensure it is not running empty. If you do this it will taste burnt and dry.