Smok $5.99

Smok or Smoktech was one of the first major brands on the vaping scene. With humble begins of a basic pen style kit, they quickly moved up with their alien mods and TFV8 tanks. Smok continued to progress with the industry and now have a great selection of pod kits. Including the Smok Novo, Smok Nord, Smok Nfix and more. They also offer some bigger external battery mods however those have decreased in popularity in the Canadian market.

What is compatible with the Nord 2?

Compatibility with Nord 2

Smok has many coils and devices which can be a little confusing if you aren't too familiar with Smok. Fortunately, Smok makes many of their devices cross-compatible with older coils they have produced in the past. The Smok nord 2 coil is compatible with the original Smok Nord as well as the Smoke Nord 2. Most of the RPM series devices offer a secondary pod within the kit that is compatible with the smaller-sized coil.
How long do Smok coils last?

Length of coils lasting

Smoke coils can last various lengths of time depending on the device, coil size, wattage, etc. The best way to look at this is by size and resistance. Smok coils that are smaller and meant for smaller devices will be designed for lower power output. This means that these devices will produce minimal vapour and are not able to be cranked way up in power. If you do this, it is likely you will burn out a coil much faster. Larger coils by Smok, that are for larger tanks, tend to last a lot longer because there is more cotton within the coil to be repeatedly heated before fully burning. When a coil is larger it will take longer to burn out.
Which Nord 4 coil is for salt nicotine?

Nord 4 coil best suited for salt nicotine

The Smok Nord 4 offers several various types of coils that can be used. The RPM 2 pod that comes inside the kit is designed more for freebase liquid with lower nicotine content. The RPM pod is designed to handle nicotine salt as these coils will run on a much lower wattage. If you run nicotine salt out of the larger RPM 2 pod it may be too harsh or too much nicotine at once.
What comes in a Nord kit?

What is included with a kit?

All Smok Nord kits whether it is the Nord 2 or Nord 4, come with a similar kit of items. Both kits will come with the device itself in various possible colors. Each kit will also include 2 various pods with 2 various-sized coils. For Nord 4, it will be the RPM2 and RPM pod. For Nord 2, It will be the RPM pod and the Nord Pod. Both kits will also come with a charger, a user manual as well as a warranty card.
Are Smok Novo pods refillable?

Refillable Smok Novo pods

The Smok Novo device is a small refillable pod system with adjustable wattage. All Smok Novo pods are designed to be refilled several times over the course of a week or so before needing to throw them away. This is an excellent device for traveling as it is tiny and can fit into any pocket.