Twelve Monkeys is a Canadian vape juice company established in 2014. They make various fruit blend juices and tobacco flavours that are very popular and have won Best International Brand of 2017 Award in Europe. Check out our great selection of twelve monkeys e- juice below, they make salt nicotine and freebase juices to meet all your needs.

Where is Twelve Monkeys made?

Origin of Twelve Monkeys

Twelve monkeys is one of the oldest e-liquid brands out there. At this point, they are a staple for any vaper out there. Twelve Monkeys is a Canadian Brand of e-liquid. Twelve Monkeys carefully selects their flavours from the finest batch and creates some of the greatest fruit flavours we have today.
Does Twelve Monkeys vape juice work in a pod kit?

Twelve Monkey's e-juice in pod kit

If you are using freebase 60mL liquid, it is best to use a larger device like the Geekvape Aegis Legend 2 or a device with a large tank in general. This will provide nice flavour and big clouds without a ton of nicotine. If you plan on using a pod system you will want to invest in the 30mL salt bottles by Twelve Monkeys. Salt nicotine will run a lot smoother in a pod system-style device.
What is the most popular Twelve Monkeys juice?

Best Selling Twelve Monkeys juice

Twelve Monkeys has a huge array of flavours to choose from. We try to carry only the best and most popular flavours out of the very massive menu. Some of the most popular flavours include "Mangabeys" which is a delicious mango and papaya mix. Another great flavour from Twelve Monkeys is "Queen Soko" which is a tasty lemon and strawberry blend. There are so many to choose from, come in and try one out today.
What flavour is Kanzi?

What is Kanzi?

Twelve Monkeys has some of the most unique names on the market for their e-liquids. Kanzi is a Strawberry Kiwi and Watermelon mix. It is available in 30mL nicotine salt and 60mL Freebase. Fun fact! A Kanzi is a male Bonobo which is a type of Monkey. It fits right in with their Twelve Monkeys theme.