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Uwell is a well known brand within the vaping industry. They make various pod kits designed for mouth to lung vaping. Including the Caliburn A2S, Caliburn G, and Caliburn G2. Each pod kit comes with a different pod to suit each different kit.

How long do Caliburn pods last?

Caliburn pods lasting

Caliburn Pods can last various lengths of time depending on your use. If you are using your device often and taking long hits, your pods will burn out very quickly. If you are using your device more regularly and not over puffing it, then you could have up to two weeks of solid use before having to change your pod.
Are Caliburn pods refillable/how to fill caliburn pod?

Refillable Caliburn pods

Caliburn pods are all refillable no matter what model of Caliburn you choose from Uwell. All pods have the same filling mechanism. Simply pull the top black cap of your pod off and insert your nozzle into the red hole. Once you have filled up your pod you can replace the black cap and insert the pod back into your device.
Why is my Caliburn blinking blue and not hitting?

Caliburn flashing and not firing

Your Caliburn could be blinking for a number of reasons. One of the most common is that the pod needs to be cleaned as well as the inside of the device with a small paper towel. If this does not solve your issue it is possible the device may need to be charged. Sometimes it is not uncommon for a pod to stop working as it becomes older.
How to open Caliburn pod?

Opening a caliburn pod

To open your Uwell Caliburn pod simply pinch the top black mouthpiece and pull it off with slight force. The cap should be a bit tight to get on and off so it stays in place. you wouldn't want to lose the cap in the middle of your vaping session!
How to know if Caliburn vape is dead?

How to know if your caliburn is near dead?

Your Caliburn device will indicate when it is near dead by flashing and producing less vapor. If your device is totally dead it will not turn on, or fire at all and no light will come on. Once this happens you surely need to charge the device up for a bit and then you will be ready to go.