Vaporesso $17.99

Vaporesso is a vape manufacturer that was founded in 2015.
They make various device kits that offer two different resistance pods. They offer a sleek design that comes in three sizes, although there are other options of devices they all use the same pods. An affordable starter kit with raving reviews.

How long do Vaporesso XROS pods last?

XROS Pods Last

various lengths of time depending on your use. If you are using the 0.8ohm pods then you will likely have slightly longer use of them due to the larger airflow and bigger cotton space. This will also depend on how often you are using your device. If you are chain vaping then it is likely to burn out in a few days. If you are vaping less often it can go for a few weeks.
How to turn on Vaporesso vape?

Starting a Vaporesso vape

To turn on your Vaporesso device simply press the button in the center quickly 5 times consecutively. This is the same process in order to turn it off as well. If you are using the Xros Mini there is no button since it is draw-activated and will not need to be turned off or on to use.
How to use a Vaporesso Xros?

Operating a Vaporesso Xros

To use an Xros it depends on whether you have the 2 or the mini. The Xros 2 and Mini both have the same pods. Both pods are simple to fill. Pop the top cap off of the pod and fill it up. Once you have done this, insert the pod on the top of the device. If you have an Xros 2 make sure the device is on first by clicking the center button 5 times quickly. If you are using the Xros mini then you are ready to inhale as there is no button or other settings you need to fiddle with.
Why is my Vaporesso blinking red five times?

Red blinking on Vaporesso

If your Vaporesso device is blinking red light it is indicating you need to charge your device. If your device is charged and it is still blinking then you should check to ensure the pod and well are clean. Wipe down the pod and inside of the device with paper towel and this should resolve your issue.