VEEV $12.99

Veev is a company that makes device kits and pods. They offer a variety of crafted flavours that are made in Europe with quality ingredients. Veev offers tobacco, mint and different fruit flavour options.

What is the best Veev pod?

Most Popular Veev Pods

There are many amazing flavors to choose from when it comes to the menu for Veev pods. One of the most popular flavors is the Classic mint, which is a nice cooling creamy flavor! Another really great choice is the Mauve Mix which is a lovely passionfruit blend.
How big are Veev pods?

Size of Veev Pods

Veev pods are very small in size as the device itself is only about 2.5 inches in length. Each pod contains 1.5mL of e-liquid and there are two in a pack. This gives you 3mL of e-liquid in total.