Z Pods $15.99

Z Pods are a brand of pods compatible with the Allo Sync, Stlth, and Boom devices. Made by Ziip Lab (founded in 2015) the Z Pods are one of the most popular vape pods on the market. With well over 50 flavours, there are a ton of options for any vapor.

What are Z pods?

Z pods

Z Pods are a compatible pod, Canadian-made brand, STLTH. Z Pods provide a slightly more open-air flow and a more flavourful hit. These pods have been a long-time favourite amongst customers and staff. Their full name are Ziip Pods. Give them a try today!
Where to buy Z pods?

Purchasing Z pods

You can purchase Z Pods in a variety of flavors from our very own Salk Street. We have a huge array of flavours to select from. These have been a long time customer favourite at our stores. Give them a try today and you won't be disappointed.
What device can I use Z pods in?

Devices compatible with Z pods

Z Pods are compatible with both the STLTH device and the ALLO Sync device. Either one of these pod systems works great with Z Pods. This will also open up your flavour menu a ton with how many different flavours you will be able to choose from.
Are Z pods better than STLTH pods?

Z Pods vs STLTH Pods

A common question many people ask is if Z Pods are better than STLTH pods. The answer is not so simple. STLTH pods are designed to be as close to a cigarette-like hit as possible. Some people are looking for this kind of hit which is very understandable if they are weaning off of cigarettes. Z Pods produce a slightly more airy hit. They also have a stronger flavour profile to them and will give you a much sweeter aftertaste.
Are Z pods refillable?

Refillable Z Pods

Z Pods are not technically meant to be refilled, nor is any STLTH or ALLO compatible pod. It is possible for someone to pop the cap off the top of these pods and fill them but the hit will not be the same as when the pod was new. The coil is typically burnt at this point and will only taste dry and weak. It is better to use a re-fillable pod system if you want to continuously refill your pods.