Allo Vape $13.99

The ALLO vape company makes a wide variety of products, from Allo Sync pods, to the Allo disposable vape there is a massive selection of flavours and sizes for everyone. The Allo Sync pod system is compatible with STLTH, Savage, Boosted, Z Pods, Boom pods and more. The Allo disposable vape comes in sizes from 2ml 500 puffs up to a 4500 puff 10ml. There is more than 50 flavours available depending on which disposable size or pod you are looking for. We carry the Allo Sync, Allo 800, Allo 1600, and Allo 2500, check out our selection below.

How to charge an Allo disposable?

Charging an Allo disposable

 Although the Allo sync is rechargeable with the included usb c cable. Most versions of the Allo disposable vape are not rechargeable. The Allo 800, Allo 1600, and Allo 2500 are all non rechargeable. However the Allo 4500 is rechargeable, we recommend using a usb c cable with a maximum 2 amp charging brick. Any faster charger can damage the battery and cause the vape to not last as long as it can.
MHow to fix an ALLO disposable vape?

How to fix an allo disposable vape?

Unfortunately Allo disposables, like most other disposables are mass produced. Due to that there occasionally are some duds. If you happen to get a dud, it is not fixable via any safe methods so we recommend reporting that to the store you purchased from. Most store policies are to not exchange or refund disposables. We kindly ask our customers to try the device in store, if purchased online let us know and we will do our best to help you out.
Why is the light on my ALLO blinking?

Blinking Allo dispoable

Blinking lights on an Allo indicate a few things. One potential cause is the battery is dead, if the device is rechargeable give it a try to see if that fixes the issue. The second cause can be the device has malfunctioned, if this is the case the device is useless. The third cause is the device has been used up, after the battery in the device is used up, it will blink letting you know its finished and must be disposed of.
Is my vape dead?

How do you know when your Allo vape is done

Similarly to the last question, one indication your device is done is the light starts blinking. If the device is the rechargeable disposable you will begin to notice reduced flavour, and eventually a burnt taste indicating the juice has been dried up. If you are using Allo sync pods, you can check the actual pod itself to see how much liquid is remaining. If you want to know if the Allo sync battery is dead, if it no longer works after charging it, it is likely dead. It may be a pod issue so it's worth testing a new pod to make sure before disposing of the device.