LIX $20.99

LIX is a vape juice line created by TJP Labs which is based in Ontario, Canada. TJP Labs started the LIX line with 5 flavours only available in salt nicotine. With popular sellers such as Mint Condition and Quad Berry, the line immediately made a splash in the market. Since then they have added many more flavours to the salt nicotine line and added some freebase options as well. If you are looking for a smooth and flavourful experience LIX vape juice is perfect for you.

Who makes LIX vape juice?

Where is LIX juice made?

LIX brand vape liquids are one of our very own in-house brands. LIX is produced and bottled by our parter, Vape Time! LIX has been a long-time favourite of ours here at Salk Street, many of our customers love the large array of flavours LIX has to offer.
One of our most popular flavours is the mint condition! This is a super sharp and cool minty flavour that everyone loves either on its own or mixed with another flavour to make it minty!
What is the most popular LIX flavour?

Popular LIX Flavour

There are a lot of great flavors from LIX and there are a few that have been long-time customer favorites here at Salk Street. To name a few there is Darts which is a warm strong tobacco flavor that many newcomers love. Then there is our Mint condition, which is probably our all-time most popular flavor in general. It has such a perfect balance of mint and smoothness it keeps people returning to it again and again.
There are lots of other great popular from LIX as well, check out our menu in-store and online today!
How much is LIX vape juice?

Cost of LIX Juice

Lix is one of the most wanted brands at our store! It is $18.99 per bottle of our own houseline LIX. We also offer a regular discount bundle deal whenever we are not currently doing a promotion or sale event. If you buy two or three bottles of LIX brand e-liquid you save 20%! If you purchase four to seven bottles you save 25%, and If you go for a large stock of eight or more, you save a full 30%!
What is the max nicotine in LIX?

Maximum Nicotine in LIX Juice

Ever since the update to the Canadian Gazette Tobacco Regulations, on  July 23, 2021, Canada passed a bill that has put a federal nicotine limit of 20mg per mL on all products. This means that while there used to be strengths available that were way higher than 20mg, there is now no stronger strength.
All LIX products will be either 10mg per mL or 20mg per mL in a 30 mL bottle. We do also offer our LIX flavourless and LIX mint condition in freebase 60mL bottles! These are available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.
Can I get no-nicotine LIX juice?

No-Nicotine LIX Juice

Most LIX branded products are only available in 10mg and 20mg strengths. There has recently been a release of Flavourless and Mint condition 60mL freebase bottles. These flavors are available in 0mg strength. Our other Salk Street branded house line offers 0mg strength nicotine on all flavors as well as many other brands in our store.