Pop hit $15.99

A Canadian company that makes pods, disposables and closed pod systems. They have a variety of flavour options to choose from. The Pop Hit is equipped with mesh coil technology, giving you the smoothest and the most flavourful hits possible. The device is also rechargeable so that you can enjoy every last bit of your disposable device.

What does hybrid mean on the Pop Hit?

Hybrid Pop Hit

The 'hybrid' on the Pop Hit refers to the type of nicotine being used. The Pop Hit Hybrids use a blend of salt and freebase nicotine to deliver a stronger 'throat-hit' compared to its salt nicotine counterpart.
What device can I use the Pop Hit pods on?

Device Compatibility 

Pop Hit pods are compatible with both the STLTH and Allo Sync devices.
Is the Pop Hit box rechargeable?

Rechargeable Pop Hit

Yes! The Pop Hit Boxes are rechargeable and even include a cable for charging! Rechargeable Disposables are great for ensuring you are enjoying every last drop of your disposable before it is eventually disposed of.
What is the best Pop Hit flavour?

Best Selling Pop Hit 

We recommend our most popular Pop Hit Flavour, Sour Peach. Pop Hit has also called this flavour the "G.O.A.T." (Greatest of all Time) based off of their sales and feedback.