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Pop Pods Hybrid

Pop hit hybrid pods are a great option for any vaper. With 2mls per pod (3 pods in pack) they typically last about a day per pod. They have more then 20 different flavours available, layered cotton coils to prevent spit back and leaking, and use 20mg hybrid nicotine to pack more of a punch in each draw.

POP pods deliver a enjoyable and crave fulfilling draw by combining nicotine salts with freebase nicotine. Each pack of pods contains 3 pre-filled pod cartridges of 2mL vape juice, providing up to 400 puffs per pod.

What device can I use pop hit hybrid pods in?

Pop Hit Hybrid pods are compatible with any S Style device. That means the STLTH, Allo Sync, Boom, and of course the Pop device.

Pop Pods Flavors

Blueberry Kiwi Ice – Blueberries! Kiwis! and ICE?!?! What a refreshing concoction.

Chilled BBG – A cool chewy vape that will have you dreaming of blowing bubbles

GB Ice – A nice flavour with a cooling finish call us for more details

Grape Rush – One hit on this grape flavour will give you a jolt of energy to keep you running all day

Nectar of Gods – The Nectar of Gods is a tropical fruit cocktail flavour combining sweet notes of passionfruit, orange, mango, and guava. Each exhale provides you with the fruity and refreshing feeling of a well spent summer day on an exotic island.

Grape Pomegranate Ice – Experience the perfect blend of tangy grapes and juicy pomegranate, infused with a refreshing blast of icy coolness. Grape Pomegranate Ice delivers a harmonious balance of sweet and tart flavors, enhanced by a chilling sensation that will leave you feeling revitalized.

Mango Lychee – Indulge in the exotic fusion of succulent mangoes and delicate lychee, creating a tropical symphony of flavors that will transport your taste buds to paradise. The luscious sweetness of ripe mangoes complements the floral and slightly tart notes of lychee, resulting in a truly delightful vaping experience. Mango Lychee is the perfect choice for those seeking a unique and refreshing blend of fruits.

Peach Berry – POP’s Peachberry is a refreshingly sweet brew of peaches and raspberries. Since this particular concoction doesn’t require steeping or breathing, it is sure to be one of your favourites after just the first couple of puffs.

Sour Peach – Offering you the Peach Sour that packs the same punch and fuses mouthwatering peaches with each inhale and sour berries with each exhale. This e juice is the definition of a sweet and sour vaping experience.

Tropical Blue Razz – A tarty flavor reminiscent of freshly picked blueberries and raspberries, baked to perfection in the oven. Chilled blue razz is the perfect blend of fun and fruity.

Watermelon Ice – A delicious, juicy, refreshing, red watermelon with a cooling finish. The perfect hit on a summer day.


Up to 400 Puffs per pod

20mg/ml hybrid nicotine

2mL vape juice per pod


3 x 2ml Pop Pods

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