VICE $19.99

Vice is a company that makes disposable vapes that come in various puff counts. They are known for their blends of fruity ice flavors. Vice boasts a large 1000mAh internal battery! This disposable uses a mesh coil to ensure a delicious hit every time.

How many puffs are in a Vice disposable vape?

Puff count of Vice disposables

Vice disposable pens come in two various sizes that we carry. There is Vice 2500 and Vice 5500. Both of these devices provide great flavour and long-lasting use! Grab the 2500 if you like switching it up more often, or if you love a flavour enough grab a full 5500 size. As always this can vary with use but each device should last the average vaper days of regular use.
Can I refill a Vice disposable vape?

Are Vice Disposables refillable?

Vice disposables are closed and single-use disposables. In other words, there is no way to take apart and fill this device. There would be no need to anyways. It would be best to grab a pod system you can refill yourself if you want to go that route. Disposables are great for a grab-and-go situation or if you only vape once in a while.
How to charge Vice disposables?

Charging Vice Disposables

Though Vice has two various sizes of disposable, only the Vice 5500 can be recharged. This is a great function to have with such a large puff count. You should be able to get a few charges out of this device before it is fully done.
Where can I get a Vice disposable vape?

Purchasing Vice Disposables

Vice disposables can be purchased from us here at Salk Street. We have been carrying vice for a long while now and it has become one of our customer's top picks for sure. We love it because of the flavour menu and the long smooth hits these devices give. The vice 2500 has a very narrow mouthpiece which is easy to use.
Do Vice disposable vapes use salt nicotine?

Salt Nicotine in Vice Disposables

Most disposables tend to use salt nicotine inside of their tank. This is the best way to deliver a reasonable amount of nicotine in a smaller system that has a lower power setting on it. Some disposables will carry half freebase and half salt for a harsher throat hit. Vice disposables are always filled with salt nicotine.