Vice Twist 8000 Disposable


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Vice Twist 8000 Disposable

PRISM ICE: A sweet symphony of mixed fruit sweets, intensified by a refreshing ice-cold twist.

Introducing the latest addition to VICE’s popular range of disposable vaping products, the VICE TWIST. This cutting-edge disposable vape device showcases an innovative LED display that activates when you take a puff. It displays essential information in real-time, including the battery charge status and e-liquid levels. This ensures that you always stay informed about your device’s status with each inhale, preventing any surprises such as low e-liquid levels or a depleted battery. Recharging the device is a breeze with a USB type-c cable when the battery runs low.

The VICE TWIST 8000 DISPOSABLE boasts an astonishing 8000 puffs, generously packing a 14mL e-liquid capacity and a robust 800 mAh battery, granting users extended vaping pleasure between recharges. With the built-in adjustable airflow switch, you can fine-tune your vaping experience, ensuring bold flavours and a smooth yet gratifying hit.

VICE TWIST Disposables don a sleek matte finish adorned with a mesmerizing swirl pattern, available in a vibrant spectrum of colours for each of their 17 distinct flavours, catering to diverse palates. Elevate your vaping journey with the VICE TWIST and relish unparalleled convenience and a rich array of flavour options.

Vice Twist 8000 Disposable Flavours

BLUE CHERRY ICE: A tantalizing fusion of vibrant blue raspberry and succulent cherry, perfectly frozen into a refreshing ice-cold symphony of flavours that will sweep you away to a frosty paradise.

BLUE RAZZ ICE: The tangy embrace of blue raspberries meets a breeze of icy coolness for a refreshing burst of tart and sweet perfection.

GREEN APPLE ICE: A refreshing and crisp combination of tart green apple with a cool, icy undertone that invigorates the taste buds with a burst of fruity chill.

GREEN BURST: An invigorating fusion of crisp green apples, exotic kiwi, and luscious honeydew, offering a tantalizing and refreshing burst of flavour in every puff.

HAWAIIAN ICE: A vibrant symphony of tropical and exotic fruits, blended with a cool touch of ice. 

ISLAND SPLASH ICE: The perfect blend of ripened bananas, tangy kiwis, and luscious pineapples, expertly infused with an icy chill for a tropical sensation like no other.

KIBERRY MELON ICE: A refreshing symphony of sweet kiwi, luscious strawberry, juicy watermelon, and the coolness of ice, creating a frozen fusion that will transport your taste buds to a frosty paradise.

MELON BERRY ICE: A refreshing combination of sweet blueberries, succulent dragon fruit, and juicy watermelon, all enveloped in a frosty, cooling embrace.

MISTY MANGO ICE: A tropical fusion of sun-kissed mangoes, juicy peaches, and sweet pineapples, all kissed by a refreshing icy twist. 

NANA BERRY ICE: A harmonious union of velvety bananas and the alluring essence of blackberries, expertly chilled for a perfectly sweet and refreshing vape.

PEACH BLUE RAZZ ICE: An enchanting blend of succulent peaches and the exhilarating burst of blue raspberry, wrapped in a revitalizing icy embrace.

PEACH MELON RAZZ ICE: A juicy fusion of sun-kissed peaches, juicy watermelon, and tangy raspberries, expertly infused with a frosty chill.

PRISM ICE: A sweet symphony of mixed fruit sweets, intensified by a refreshing ice-cold twist.

STRAW KIWI ICE: A timeless duo of sun-ripened strawberries and exotic kiwis meets a refreshing icy twist. 

STRAW NANA TWIST ICE: A delightful blend of sun-ripened strawberries, zesty orange, and creamy bananas, all intertwined with a refreshing frosty twist.

TROPICAL TWIST ICE: A tropical trifecta of creamy bananas, luscious mangoes, and zesty oranges, all kissed by a frosty chill.

TWISTED PEACH ICE: A luscious blend of succulent peaches, zesty lemons, and tangy raspberries, all embraced by a refreshing icy touch.


Up to 8000 puffs
LED Screen with Battery and E-liquid Indicators
14 mL of E-Liquid
20 mg/mL
800 mAh Internal battery


1 x Vice Twist 8000 disposable vape

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7 reviews for Vice Twist 8000 Disposable

  1. Kait S.

    great flavour – one of the best vapes i’ve tried for the price.

  2. aeddie2001

    Really good for the price

  3. Anonymous

    Great Flavor, would get again

  4. Cindy

    taste is consistent and lasts longer than other competitive brands.

  5. Tiffany Pinkney

  6. Cindy

  7. Kait Smith

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