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Elf Bar 5000 Disposable

The Elf Bar 5000 Disposable is one of the largest disposables you can find on the market! It’s so good that it has earned the title of best disposable of the year on certain rankings.

This gargantuan 13mL vape lasts up to a whopping 5000 puffs! Which should give most vapers more use than almost every other disposable!

Charging options : The Elf Bar is equipped with a type-C charging port so whenever the device begins to feel like it’s running low, just give it a quick charge. Be careful not to overcharge as it had led to the vape burning earlier then expected for some customers.

Coil information : The device also uses a dual coil system which will give you the best flavor and a ton of cloud!

There are many flavour profiles to choose from when it comes to the popular elf bar bc 5000!

Elf Bar 5000 Disposable Flavours

Blue Razz Ice – A classic blend of blueberry, raspberry, and mint. A great choice for anyone looking for a tart fruit blend.
Colour : Baby blue and dark blue.

Mango Peach – Sweet mango and peach evenly blended. A simpler blend that allows you to really taste each flavour distinctly.
Colour: Ivory and yellow

Peach Berry – A lovely blend of strawberries and peaches. Two of the most popular fruits put in one vape. How can you go wrong?
Colour: Coral pink and dark pink

Peach Ice – Simple and classic collaboration between peach and fresh mint leaves. A personal favourite of many staff working at Salk Street.
Colour: Light pink and dark pink

Peach Mango Watermelon – A beautiful mix between peach, mango, and sweet watermelon. How could you possibly go wrong with this amazing mix? Answer, you can’t.
Colour: Light pink and orange

Pineapple Coconut – A delicious and fresh coconut, mixed with a tangy pineapple. A Tropical oasis condensed into a elf bar disposable vape. Escape with every puff.
Colour: Different shades of yellow

Prism Rock – Sweet and sour blended to make an exotic, neon, flavor. A delight blend that will keep you coming back for more.
Colour: Cream and red

Red Mojito – An intense sweet red berries and lime flavor with the faintest cooling hit at the end. Easy decision on those late nights out.
Colour: Light blue and red

Sakura Grape – Cherries and Grape. Inspired by the Japanese floral cherry tree this vape is the perfect blend between a sweet grape and tart cherries.
Colour: Red, purple and blue

Sour Apple – A sour tangy green apple! Anyone searching for an authentic apple flavour, look no further then this elf bar, you’ve arrived at the right choice.
Colour: Different shades of green

Sour C – A Tasty sweet and sour concoction just like you used to enjoy back in the day.
Colour: Different shades of green

Strawberry Banana – Strawberry and Banana, one of the most popular fruit blends on the market by one of the most popular companies on the market. This is an easy choice for any vaper.
Colour: Peach and Yellow

Strawberry Kiwi – Strawberry and kiwi are always an amazing mix, highly recommend trying this great blend.
Colour: Pink and Mint Green

Triple Berry Iced – Tropical berries, and a lovely cool mint. A must have for all the berry fanatics out there.
Colour: Different shades of purple

Tropical Prism – An array of wild berries with a tropical sweet tangy note on the end. If you want to try a more unique adventurous flavour, grab one of these.
Colour: Baby Blue and Pink

Watermelon BBG – A wonderfully delicious sweet treat. Chewy, bubbly, watermelon awesomeness. An all day vape for any watermelon lover. Colour: Pink and Coral Pink

Watermelon Ice  – One of the best elf bar flavors. A shivering, ice-cold, watermelon, and mint blend. A simply flavoured elf bar that is a go to for any vapor.
Colour: Light blue and red


Up to 5000 Puffs 20mg/mL Nicotine Salts 13mL vape juice


1 x Elf bar Disposable Device

Check out the manufacturer website for more details on the company.

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16 reviews for Elf Bar 5000 Disposable $22.99

  1. Rikki Lampshire

    Love the size

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  6. Geneviève H.

    Excellent produit. La livraison est super rapide..Merci

  7. Geneviève H.

    Vraiment délicieux comme vape.
    Livraison super rapide

  8. Nadine A.

  9. Cassandra Carter

    Good flavour

  10. Geneviève H.

    Goût de skiables.. excellent

  11. Verified Buyer

  12. Verified Buyer

  13. Celiane Duval

  14. Geneviève H.

    5000 puffs,juste parfais!

  15. Shannon

    Horrible service. Had an issue with 3/4 vapes I ordered. No one got back to me when I reached out. Terrible.

  16. Isabelle Landry

    I love

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