Rocket Ship Salt by Kapow


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Rocket Ship Salts by Kapow

Rocket Ship Salts by Kapow prepares you for liftoff with your favourite red white and blue frozen rocket delight! Chilled to perfection with a splashingly cool exhale. Notes of cherry and blue raspberry will Zooom you into outer space!

Is Rocket Ship Salt by Kapow the right juice for you?

Rocket Ship Salts by Kapow is a salt nicotine line. We only recommend using 1.0ohm and above coils (mouth to lung), for all nicotine strengths.

Salt nicotine is a newer form of e-liquid that offers a higher concentration of nicotine, with a smoother hit compared to freebase nicotine.

Since the nicotine levels are higher, we strongly suggest using this with devices that are mouth to lung and don’t produce as much vapour.

Any nicotine cravings should be easily satisfied with a salt nicotine blend, because of that it is unnecessary (and potentially unsafe) to use more powerful devices.

Another reason to use mouth to lung devices is that most salt nicotine juices are thinner, and Kapow salt nicotine vape juice, in particular, is a 50VG/50PG mix, so it is a thinner vape juice.

Thinner vape juices require smaller coils (mouth to lung), to keep them from leaking.

Although these vape juices will work in larger coil devices (sub-ohm, direct lung), it is much more likely to leak in larger coil devices, as the liquid will easily run through the coil’s larger wick holes.

If the salt version of Kapow Rocket Ship does not sound like the right vape juice for you, check out the freebase nicotine version here.

Additional information

Available Sizes: 30ml
Available Strengths : 12mg, 20mg
VG / PG Ratio : 50 / 50
Made by :Canada Vape Lab
Made in Markham, Ontario, Canada
All variants of Rocket Ship Salts by Kapow contain Nicotine.
Warning: Nicotine is highly addictive. Health Canada
Poison: if swallowed, call a Poison Control Centre or doctor immediately.

Additional information


12mg, 20mg, 35mg, 50mg

3 reviews for Rocket Ship Salt by Kapow

  1. e.tlebar1995

    this is a fantastic flavor if you like sweet fruits. This is my favourite blueberry cherry mix. It can be a bit sweet when you’re looking for a more dull flavor

  2. Maggie

    Very nice flavour though more just a generic “sweet” than any sort of distinctive flavour type. Was really looking for that rocket pop taste and this didn’t quite hit the more. Definitely no problems using it regularly, just not what I was hoping for

  3. Staffmorrisshlangerkatz

    Such a great flavor takes me back to my childhood.

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