Recycle Your Used Vapes and Pods


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If you’ve thought about recycling your vape to help better the environment, there are several easy steps you can take to properly recycle your used vapes. Using the right recycling method for your disposable vapes and pods is a great way to avoid contributing to the problem of environmental pollution. 

How do I reduce my environmental impact while vaping?

To recycle your used vapes or pods, simply visit your local vape shop and deposit them into their vape recycling containers. Be sure to contact your local vape shop or visit your local Salk Street Vapor Shoppes to dispose of your device properly. 

Is vaping worse then smoking?

Compared to cigarette butts, which take up to 18 months to decompose, and also release toxins into the soil, recycling your used ecigarette products can help the environmental impact caused by vaping. Cigarette smoke contains over seven thousand chemicals, including 70 carcinogens. 

In contrast, e-liquids and pods contain only a fraction of the harmful substances found in cigarette smoke. Because you’re using less and recycling more, you’ll be doing the environment a favor by reducing the amount of waste you produce while also limiting chemicals that make their way into our local water supplies and land. 

What do I do if my local store doesn’t recycle vapes?

Be sure to always recycle vaporizers with batteries properly. Please don’t throw away batteries – they may be toxic and should be properly recycled instead. 

Depending on the type of vape, a recycling center can provide you with all the information you need to properly dispose of your old e-liquid and vapes. Vapes are considered disposable devices, containing a battery and a coil. Disassembling your used vapes can be hazardous, as the contents of your pods can spill into your trash. Additionally, batteries can contain toxic heavy metals, which make it particularly dangerous to dispose of them properly. 

What if my vape works, but I want to upgrade?

You can give them to someone you know who is trying to quit smoking. While they’re no longer useful to you, most people have someone in their life who smokes. You can clean a device pretty thoroughly and often just purchase a new mouth piece so that the device is as clean as possible before passing it on. This is the best possible way to further the life of your device if you want to save on landfill space.

Please vape responsibly and do your part to limit vaping’s impact on the environment.


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