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Vuse ePod Mango

Mango Pods by Vuse are a bright and tropical mango mix. Vuse has a large variety of great fruit flavours to choose from! Who doesn’t love a tasty fresh tropical mango? This is one of our favourite

mango flavours around! If you want to give this a try we can definitely say that you would be making the best of choices in terms of filling your taste buds with an amazing classic!

Is Mango for you?

If you are looking for a fresh ripe mango flavour, this is the one for you!


x2 pre-filled pods
20mg/mL Nicotine Salts

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4 reviews for Vuse ePod Mango $12.49

  1. Wendy Millard

  2. Staffmorrisshlangerkatz

    A really nice straight mango flavor from Vuse, it’s one of Vuse’s most popular flavor.

  3. John D.

    Great taste

  4. John D.

    Had no problem with these pods good flavor

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