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A question we hear all the time at salk street is why is my vape spitting back?

If you’ve noticed spitting or popping while vaping, the problem is most likely due to your coil. Your coil is a combination of the heating element and e-liquid, and if the coil is too full, the liquid won’t be vaporised properly and will result in loud popping sounds.The main thing to keep in mind is that this is not dangerous and is not necessarily a problem.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to solve this issue. First of all, make sure you’re using the correct e-liquid and not overfilling your pod or tank.

Secondly, make sure the coil is properly primed before placing it into your device. This means adding a small amount of liquid to the external holes of your poil before inserting it into your device. This step is critical in preventing burnt coils. In terms of the type of e-liquid used on your device, this can have a major influence on how your device performs.

If you are using a smaller pod system, which typically has smaller coils, it requires a liquid with a higher PG content, which makes the liquid less viscous. In a larger device with a larger tank, you would be wanting to use a liquid with a higher VG content which will make the liquid a lot thicker, If you use a liquid that is too runny in a larger tank, it has a potential to leak out the sides and spit back into your mouth. If you use a thicker liquid in a smaller device, it is likely to burn the coil very quickly and give a lot less vapor during your inhale.

Another common cause of your vape spitting back is having the device set to a wattage that is lower than that of your recommended coil. Using the correct wattage will ensure that the e-liquid doesn’t heat up too much, which will lead to spitting or become unable to heat up enough to correctly vaporize your e-liquid. In addition, if your wick is oversaturated, liquid will cling to the raw metal of your heating element, causing bubbles and spitting. Simply make sure that your wattage matches the coil your using and if you are not using a device with an adjustable wattage, ensure your pod is fresh, filled correctly, and left to prime for awhile before use.

You should always check your coils and tanks/ pods. While coils are the most durable part of the vaping system, the tank is the most vulnerable component. It experiences heavy usage and can easily develop cracks or chipping. To inspect the tank, disassemble the device and examine it carefully under a bright light. In some cases, you may need to replace the tank. If a tank or pod does have any holes or cracks in it, this will cause the device to pull strangely and provide a bubbly wet hit.

If you do happen to get e-liquid spitting back in your mouth, this is not dangerous or toxic on its own. It may taste gross or feel a little hot on the tip of your tongue. If this happens simply wash your mouth out with some water and have a glass of water. E-liquid should of course never be consumed in large amounts but a small amount spotting into your mouth posses no threat or danger.

It takes time to get it right as well! Sometimes you have to find a liquid that works best for you in your specific device. Every device is different and all liquids can vary from brand to brand. Even liquids that have the same PG to VG ratio in them, can differ slightly if they are from separate brands. Find what works for you so you can fully enjoy your vaping experience.


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