STLTH $14.99

The only major Canadian brand on the pod vaping market. STLTH designed both their amazing flavours, and revolutionary device in Canada. Since then many other have copied their design to varying success. The device is compatible with Boosted, Z Pods, Allo Sync pods, Boom pods and more. Their original flavour line up is vast, with more of a traditional type of hit, tighter draw and less vapor. The new STLTH X pods pack much more of a punch, there is a lot more flavor and vapor produced.

How much is a STLTH Starter Kit?

Cost of a Starter Kit

The STLTH starter kit that includes 3 pods starts at $19.99 and comes with a charger as well. The regular STLTH type C kit will include the STLTH device as well as a type c charging cable for it. The device is available in multiple amazing metallic colours.
How long does a STLTH pod last?

How long can I vape one pod for?

STLTH pod packs come with 3 pods inside of them. Each pod contains 2mL of e-liquid for a total of 6mL between all pods. It can depend on your use or how big your inhales are. Most STLTH pods will last around 2 to 3 days at a time with regular use. If you are vaping very heavily you may run through them a lot faster.
Can you refill STLTH pods?

Refillable STLTH pods

STLTH pods are designed to be a closed and pre-filled pod. All packs come with 3 sealed pods that are meant to be used and then thrown away once empty. Some people like to remove the cap of the pod once it is empty and refill it. We do not recommend this as it will not taste the same as when the pod was new. The coil will taste dry and burnt with a stale aftertaste.
Why is my STLTH pod not hitting?

STLTH pod not firing

If your STLTH pod is not hitting there are a few possibilities as to why this may be happening.  Always make sure your stlth device is fully charged before use otherwise it may not fire if it is near dead, A second possibility is that the pod may have slightly leaked and needs to be wiped with a paper towel. Also, check inside the well of the device itself and make sure there is no build-up of e-liquid. If the connectors are blocked the pod will not fire.
Why is my STLTH flashing?

Flashing on my STLTH

If your STLTH device is flashing this is indicating that it is time to charge the battery. The second reason this could happen is that the pod is not connected properly to the bottom of the device and may need to be cleaned. After this, your STLTH should be working again just fine!
How long does a STLTH take to charge?

Speed of Charge for the Stlth

STLTH devices with the new type-C charging port are designed to fully charge in only 1 hour! This is an amazing feat as it really saves you the time of having to wait forever to get your vape and go. This makes traveling or going to work with the device a lot easier as you can quickly charge it at any time if need be.