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Stlth Pods come as a set of 3 x 2mL, pre-filled pods. Stlth-compatible pods provide you with great flavour and long-lasting taste. Filled with 20mg per ml of nicotine, this will help curb your nicotine cravings, while on your journey to becoming smoke-free. These pods are designed to be used with the STLTH device but are also compatible with the Allo Sync device. This allows you to open up your menu for flavour options and much more! All of this is packed into a small device that is only roughly 3 inches x .5 inches in size!

What is the most popular pod pack?

The 2 best-selling Stlth flavors are Tobacco Blend and Frost Mint. That doesn’t mean the others aren’t great, we have had good feedback on all flavors, it just comes down to personal preference.

Stlth Pods Flavour options

Apple Ringer – Apple and peaches

Banana Ice – Cool banana mint

Berry Blast – Sweet berry medley

Blue Raspberry – Blueberries and fresh raspberries

Cigar – Thick and rich tobacco blends

Creme – A vanilla treat

Crisp Apple – A fresh red apple from the farm country

Flavourless – Totally tasteless and scentless

Frost – A cool menthol flavour

Grape Ice – Fresh grapes with a hint of cool mint

Hawaiian Pog – Passionfruit orange and guava!

Honeydew Menthol – Fresh honeydew melon with mint

Mango – fresh cut mangoes from the tropics

Mint – a light and sweet mint

Passionfruit Aloe – Fresh passionfruit and aloe vera cactus

Passionfruit – A sweet tropical blend

Peach – a delicious fuzzed peach

Pineapple Lemon – A tangy and citrus-based mix

Pink – A raspberry lemon blend

Punch – A tropical punch of various fruits

Really Berry – A total blend of all the best berries

Rocket – A sweet tri-colored frozen flavour

Slam Dunk – A powdery cinnamon flavour

Strawberry Kiwi Watermelon – A perfect blend between three classic fruits

Strawberry – Fresh red strawberries

Tropic Breeze – A cool breeze of mint and fruit

Tundra Berry – Ice-cold berries

Watermelon – Classic watermelon in the summertime


Up to 400 Puffs per pod 20mg/mL

Nicotine Salts 2mL vape juice per pod


3 x 2ml Stlth Pods

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Check out STLTH’s (manufacturers) website for more details on the company.

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