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STLTH Box 5K Disposable

The Stlth Box 5K Disposable is one of Stlth’s newest additions to their brand. Enjoy a brand-new disposable design with new flavours to boot.
Lots of effort went into the creation of  Stlth disposables. The new 5K disposables are designed to have great airflow and long-lasting flavour.

Each disposable is filled with 10mL of e-liquid and should last the average vaper up to a few days at a time before becoming empty.

What 5K disposable should I go for?

With the 5K device being so new, we haven’t found a favourite just yet! however, Stlth has created some of the most interesting flavours we have seen yet!

STLTH 5K Flavours


Blueberry Raspberry – Tart raspberry and sweet blueberry

Flavourless – hit without the flavour

Grape Ice – Sweet grapes and mint

Mango Aloe Ice – A very unique mix of aloe, mango and mint

Mint Ice – A sweet mint flavour

Strawnana Ice – Strawberries Banana and Mint

Strawberry Ice – A sweet strawberry with mint

Tobacco – Smooth and classic tobacco




Up to 5000 Puffs
20mg/mL Nicotine Salts
10mL vape juice per unit


1 x 10ml 5K Disposable

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Check out STLTH’s (manufacturers) website for more details on the company.

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Blueberry Raspberry, Flavourless, Grape Ice, Ice Mint, Mango Aloe Ice, Mint, Strawberry Ice, Strawnana Ice, Tobacco

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