Vuse $12.99

Vuse is a vape brand created in 2013 that makes disposables, pods and devices. The disposables come in two different size options. The pods come in different strength options: BOLD, 18mg, 12mg and 0mg of nicotine. They have a wide selection of flavour pods to choose from. Whether you are looking for something fruity, minty, tobacco or sweet they have a flavour for you.

Can you buy a Vuse charger by itself / Do they sell Vuse chargers separately?

Vuse Charger

Many people tend to lose small chargers all the time. The Vuse charger is no exception. It is small and sometimes it is easy to misplace it. Vuse does make a separate charging cable available for purchase. The cost of the device itself is not much more than the cable. Both are quite affordable and easy to come by if need be!
How to refill Vuse pods / can you refill vuse pods?

Refillable Vuse pods

Vuse pods were specifically designed to be used in the vuse Epod device, as a closed pod system. This means that the pods are not meant to be opened and reused at all. These pods come filled and are meant to be disposed of when they are empty. If you attempt to refill a vuse pod it will not work correctly in your device and will have a much weaker taste and hit.
Where to buy Vuse pods in Canada?

Purchasing Vuse pods in Canada

You can purchase vuse pods from almost anywhere but why not come down to Salk Street and grab them here!? We carry a huge selection of vuse flavours in varying strengths for vapers of all kinds. We have stocked vuse for a long time now and we stand by their pods and system. This device is excellent for those who are quitting smoking.
How much is a 4-pack of VUSE pods?

Pricing of 4-pack of Vuse pods

Vuse pods used to only come in packs of 2 and now Vuse has created a 4-pack version of many of their flavours! The 4 packs cost $25.99 which is a bit cheaper than buying 2 separate double packs. This is a better deal if you are really invested in a certain flavour by Vuse.
How many hits does a Vuse pod have?

Puff Count of Vuse pods

Vuse Pods are not really measured in hits or puff counts. Vuse pods are all 1.9mL which will last approximately 275 puffs. This is not a very accurate way to measure your use, however. This is dependent on your own personal use. If you are taking long puffs often, your pods will run out a lot faster.