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Cherry Pineapple Lime by LIX Nitro

Cherry Pineapple Lime by Lix Nitro is a combination of three tangy flavors of cherries, limes and pineapples that come together to make the perfect match and create a great flavor.

This 30ml bottle contains salt nicotine. Salt nicotine is used to give people light and more flavorful hits.

Lix salt nicotine is one of the top salt nicotine as it is smoother then most of the other salt nicotines providing a better vaping experience.

Check out LIX’s impressive line up of other flavours.

Check out LIX’s (manufacturers) website for more details on the company.

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10mg, 20mg

5 reviews for Cherry Pineapple Lime by LIX Nitro Buy 4 Save 25%

  1. Staffmorrisshlangerkatz

    I was blown away with how good this flavour was. Definitely recommend it to anyone who like fruity flavours.

  2. Seth Harris

    really liking this new flavour!

  3. joseph.p.0313

    definately something new and interesting. the only thing i could say about it is that its more lime flavor then the cherry or pineapple but still very fresh and tart

  4. s_scott0420

    This, at first, delicious flavour was absolutely lovely. A candy forward flavour with a nice amount of sweetness and tang. I vaped this constantly for about 2 days. For most average or occasional vapers, I would recommend this flavour. Though, as a chain vaper, I would not. The once delicious flavour soon becomes overpoweringly sweet, with little to no other notes. The sweetness is accompanied by little to no complexity, leaving no notes of additional undernotes other than sweetener. I absolutely loved this flavour the first day, but after vaping about 5ml, I am completely sick of it. If you only use your vape a few times a day, definitely give it a try. If you’re vaping all day everyday, I recommend steering clear. When I first took a draw, I was in love, but now, I can’t even use it anymore. 3/5*’s

  5. Rashie Thomas

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