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Allo Sync Device Kit

The Allo Sync Device Kit is one of the best and most reliable pod systems on the market.

One of the smallest and most compact devices also gives you long-lasting battery life and great flavour all day long! You cannot go wrong with this device any day of the week.

Key Features

Sync’s superior pod design prevents leaks and spit back

Sync pods fit multiple devices.

Long lasting battery with a powerful 450 mAh and USB-C quick charge.

LED Light changes colour to help identify battery life

Colour coded O-ring on pod to indicate flavour

Type-C USB Input allows for quick charge


Battery: 450 mAh


1 x Allo Sync Device Kit

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Black, Blue, Grey, Red

3 reviews for Allo Sync Device Kit $14.99

  1. e.tlebar1995

    So cool that allo collaborated with STLTH to make this unit. Honestly, it behaves just like a stlth device in every way except it is a tiny bit shorter. It’s great that allo sync flavors are compatible with stlth and vice versa.

  2. Staffmorrisshlangerkatz

    Allo made a really great pre-filled pod system. The Allo Sync device has a USBC charger which charges the device fast, and the bonus is that this device fits STLTH pods too!

  3. Jeremy W.

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