Vuse Epod 2 Device

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Vuse ePod 2 Device

The Vuse (Vype) device is Sleek, stylish & satisfying. Experience proprietary technology that delivers the perfect puff in a conveniently compact package. Available in an array of colours that allow you to personalize your Vuse epod 2 device experience.

ePod 2 Kit Contents

1x ePod Device
1x Charger

Available Flavours

The Vuse (Vype) Pods are available separately in 1.6%. With several different pod flavours.
Product dimensions

Battery: 350mah
Length: 10.3cm
System Type: Closed Pod
*This product does not come with a pod it is a replacement battery and charger only!*
colours: Silver, Rose Gold, Graphite Black, Gold, Matte Black

How to use the Vuse (Vype)


Prior to using your Vuse (Vype) device for the first time, please fully charge your device by plugging the provided micro USB charging cable into the charging port on the bottom of the device. Once the device is fully charged, the battery LED indicator will switch from orange to white. For safety precautions and maximum battery life, only charge with a 0.5A charger.
Once the device is fully charged, insert the Vuse (Vype) pod cartridge into the device as shown in the picture on the next page. Press the Vuse (Vype) pod cartridge into the device; the device sleeve will hold the pod cartridge in place during use.

Optimizing Performance

Your style of puff has developed over time and adjusting to Vuse (Vype) will take time, so please be patient. Our product is designed for mouth-to-lung puffs.
To activate your Vuse (Vype) device, simply inhale through the Vuse (Vype) pod cartridge mouthpiece like you would on a tobacco cigarette.
For optimal performance, the contact between the device and the pod cartridge should be dry. When applicable, use a cotton tipped swab to absorb any condensation drops on the battery pin contacts.
For optimal performance, do not leave pod cartridges in an environment where temperature is below 15°C (59°F) or above 27°C (81°F).
For best performance complete pod cartridges within 36 hours from first use. Keep the device away from water, rain, snow and extreme temperatures.
Storing the device/pod cartridges in a vertical position will improve the flavor and performance.
Do not use the device upside down, always keep the device vertical during consumption.
Take short breaks between each puff in order to let the cotton coil saturate with e-liquid to improve flavor and to prevent leaking and dry hits.

Additional Notes

Only Vuse (Vype) pod cartridges manufactured by Vuse (Vype) and bearing the Vuse (Vype) logo/Vuse (Vype) trademark on the packaging should be used with the Vuse (Vype) device unit.
Do not cover/block the USB port on the bottom of the device while using the device.
Do not block the side airflow holes on the device shell while using the device.
Please charge the device only after the LED has indicated battery depletion.
Remove pod cartridge from the device before charging device.

Additional Information

Version 4 Device
Extended battery life
Anti-leak technology
1 Year warranty


This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is known by the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. This product is meant for adult use only. Keep away from children, pets, and non-smokers. Nicotine is toxic in direct contact with skin or if swallowed. If the pod cartridge e-liquid comes into direct contact with skin, wash hands and any exposed skin thoroughly with soap and water. If e-liquid is swallowed, rinse mouth thoroughly with water and seek immediate medical attention if you feel unwell.
Keep out of reach of children! Do not use this product if you are pregnant, breast feeding, or suffering from diabetes, hypertension, asthma, respiratory or heart conditions.

This product is considered an electronic device containing batteries and should not be discarded with household waste. Please dispose of your battery-containing device at an applicable recycling point for disposal of electronic equipment. For more information about where you can drop off your waste equipment for recycling, please contact your local city office, household waste disposal service, or the location where you purchased the device.

Condensation in pod cartridge: simply remove the pod cartridge from the device, place a tissue at the top of the pod cartridge mouthpiece and blow air through the bottom of the pod cartridge. The tissue will absorb the condensation and you can resume vaping. Never blow into the pod cartridge mouthpiece, air should only flow in one direction.
Condensation in device: If you notice condensation inside your device use a cotton swab to soak up the e-liquid.
Device malfunctions: Do not attempt to troubleshoot any device appearing to behave abnormally. If you have any issues with your devices please follow the warranty steps below.

Check out the entire Vuse (Vype) user manual!

Additional information


aqua, Graphite black, Silver, Blue, Gold, Matte Black, Rose Gold

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  1. e.tlebar1995

    Vuse is alright but I have had better luck with STLTH. To be honest it’s a bit pricey for the pods that only come in a pack of 2 and are done within 2 days flat. STLTH at least offers 3 pods per pack and they are larger. For the price, you are getting more with STLTH. The device itself is not bad and has quite a nice design but I would probably recommend STLTH over vuse.

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